Adulting Sucks, it can suck more for a Daddy

It is cemented in my mind that part of my Daddy role is, like with my real children, to shield my littles from any and all “Ickiness” of the adult world. After all, words like “finances, debt, employment, responsibility” are not words that a Little should understand or care about. In these times I find my super-Daddy powers – to have the heavy weight of the big scary adult world crushing me yet be nothing but attentive and cheery for a Little. The absolute worst though – and it crushes me terribly, is if and when I have to cancel or pull back time with a Little. The desire to share on a human level is strong, but crossing that line of actually sharing the reasons of “Why Daddy can’t play” can destroy a lot. I had learned this from a previous Little – to the detriment of it being permanently over.  The best I have learned is from that past experience is this. “Little One, Daddy has to take care of the adult world and this means Daddy cannot do X at X time. You are still my Princess, and Daddy will need you when he gets back from slaying all the big bad monsters okay”.