ABDL : The Diapering Scenario

First, my Little is brought into Daddy’s room. Daddy lays out a soft big towel on the bed. Sometimes Daddy pulls the towel out of the dryer so it is snuggly warm. Daddy asks his little if she is ready for her diapie. A nod is all that is needed then Daddy gives a “Good Girl”. Daddy undresses his Little (as she isn’t big enough to do that herself). Daddy helps his Little into his big bed, lifting her gently up by her bottom. Daddy lays her on her back. “Make your legs into a butterfly Little One”. Daddy grabs her ankles and lifts her legs and then slides an open diaper beneath her bum. Daddy gives her a paci to suckle on (Sometimes Daddy puts a dab of honey on the paci if she has been a good girl that day).

Daddy puts her legs back into a butterfly position. Now if it is first diapie in awhile, Daddy also has to become “Doctor Daddy” to make certain she isn’t sick. For this Daddy puts a laytex glove on his right hand, and puts some lubricant on his index finger. He tells his Little, “Doctor Daddy has to take your temperature now” and he gently slides his finger into her bottom. Daddy holds it there for exactly 30 seconds to *take her temperature*. “All done Little One – what a brave girl you are”. Daddy gently removes his finger and takes the glove off. Daddy gets the powder and while holding her ankles up, sprays a dose on her bottom.  Daddy then takes some baby lotion and puts a quarter size glob in his hand, then rolls his fingers to warm the lotion. Daddy will use this to rub on her princess parts. Very gently and slowly and will continue to run in until its warm and covered. Daddy pulls up the diapie and then fastens the tapes. He gives a little pat on the bottom when finished and gives a little rub. “How’s that Little One?, take a feel….”. She rubs the crinkly diaper and feels its girth on her.  Daddy then puts more baby lotion in his hands and rubs them to warm it up. Then Daddy will rub the lotion on her tummy, chest, shoulders and arms. The smell of Baby Lotion is a wonderful immersion into Little Space. Daddy helps his Little Sit up, and then lifts her down off his tall bed. A kiss on the forehead and taking Daddys hand – now off to play…..

Some of my favorite diapered nicknames to give are “Crinkle Butt”, “Diaper Princess”, or “Snuggy Bottom”.