Hello World.

Nice to meet you. First off – Thank you for visiting my site. I am honored and humbled. Second – what you should expect from me – I am a caring and loving (as much as I am a strict) Daddy Dom. I am hoping that my 30+ years experiences (both good and bad) can help some (or ideally all) of you. That is my intent in writing here, and is also selfish in my desire to “pay forward” all of the positive I have been so incredibly fortunate in my life to have had within these dynamics.

The backstory – I started very early in life as a dedicated sub. I evolved to a Dom (through the love and training of my own Dom) – and I must say that I reached a point where I had some of the most masochistic subs one could imagine. I took a turn at being a Dom professionally – and in time – I had learned of myself that I had a much more loving and caring side to me that, when expressed, created even greater results for the subs desires.  This evolved me into being a Daddy Dom. This is definitively whom I am (and I feel blessed for knowing that). I should note that being a caring and loving Daddy, does NOT mean that I have fallen from the graces of being capable to deliver strictness – What I do mean – is that I feel I have learned to be as strict and dominating or as gentle and attentive – as is needed for each special individual in my care. I plan to write volumes on this in the coming weeks, but for now…welcome, and thank you for inviting me into your world as such…….

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