The Three Worst (or best) Safe Words

She lays bound before me. Leaning on her elbows and knees, Wrists bound to her shoulders, Feet a healthy distance apart – held fast by the spreader bar. Her hair tied to the rope attached to the hook in her ass, raising her head up and arching that back in such a splendid fashion to “Present” to her Daddy both mouth and vagina.

Tonight was going to be a special night. She had begged Daddy for a “No Safe Words” night, and she did everything over the previous month to have “earned” that. Yes – Daddy knew she wanted to be pushed farther than she had resisted previously. She had finally given in and CRAVED that kind of love.

The bit gag is placed in her mouth and Daddy fastens it extra tight as she looks up into Daddy’s eyes. Daddy knows *that* look – and he is extra compacted with blood flow.

Daddy moves to her side and above her and brings his mouth to her ear. Pause. “Little One, I know we said no safe words, but Daddy must have one for what he is about to do to you.” I see her sink in disappointment. “This will be intense, so Daddy will give you three.” Again – Daddy sees she has sunk in her disappointment. “Like always – we need to practice so Daddy knows he can hear you behind your bit.” “UH HUH” she moans in agreement. (Hell, even the “UH HUH” reeked with disappointment.).  “Okay Little One, the three safe words are *Barter*, *Bastard* and *Whore*. Can you remember those?” “UH HUH” she moans.  Daddy snaps “Say the first one. Now.” – She moans it but obviously the bit in her mouth reduces the articulation. Daddy snaps at her “HARDER? but Daddy has hasn’t even started yet. Okay Little One – I will be as HARD on you as I can muster”. “Now the second” – She moans out the word – again inarticulate. Daddy quips “FASTER? No no Little One – Daddy will decide when to be fast and when to be slow – but I hear your request. Daddy will keep that in mind”. I am seeing her lift in excitement, with extra little trembling. Daddy commands “The Third one?. Now.” She sputters forth the sounds – and Daddy quickly snaps “MORE? Now you are just being disrespectful and suggesting your Daddy will stop too soon are we?” – A hard swat goes against her raised bottom. A yelp sqeaks from her mouth. “You are going to LEARN RESPECT tonight Little One. Daddy will teach you to never forget this night”.

And so it began……