That special moment when she gives in to the realization of being owned.

This Daddy has an unusual gift/curse. I have a form of eidetic memory. I don’t have instant recall though unless it is triggered – but when it is – I relive the moment as if it just occurred. This is a blessing for good memories – and a curse for bad ones. But there is one extra special memory I LOVE to trigger.

This one was a very special sub. So special this Daddy had thought that he had found his forever sub/little. She was petite, just shy of 5 foot. Her pervi-ness tested this Daddy – and this Daddy LOVED it.  She was in training – was a good girl, and a good slave.

This Daddy is an education based Daddy. If you are my sub – I will tell you exactly what I am going to do, how I am going to manipulate you, your emotions, and your mind, and the why I will do so and how you will feel and react. Whether you believe it at the time I tell you – you will learn that Daddy is right – and it will happen exactly as Daddy said it would. That is THIS Daddy’s super Daddy power.

She had been in training with me for 4 months now. She had increased her stamina tremendously and her threshold for the daily “conditioning” was astounding. She took her pain well, and she was a very quick study. There was that one last thing missing though. The special “moment”. She still had a threshold that Daddy could find – the threshold where Daddy could see she was close to uttering the safe words. The hinted nuances of flinching and seeing her thoughts through her little head that tells to me that she was thinking “Can I take any more?”. Daddy knew these tells and would push “just a little more” before releasing her, praising her, and not having her go through torment of choice of using the safe words.

I remember the day the special moment happened. She had three “punishments” coming . One was an egregious offense, forgetting what Daddy had asked of her to do days past. She missed a mail, she forgot the tasks, and she didn’t ask for reinforcement. I still do not know to this day if it was intentional or not. She had a way of forcing herself to do things by painting herself into a corner. There was some intensity going on in her life pertaining to her family, and when she showed up for session I could see the tension in her look and shoulders, and I could see that special look where she needed Daddy to simplify her life through her servitude to Daddy. Daddy got an extra big hug, and Daddy made sure to give her the most tender of hugs back before the “formality” of what was going to occur began.

She was obviously distracted. I could see it in her focus. Daddy had to help her regain that. She got undressed and kneeled in her spot. “Posture, Little One” I quipped, and she focused. Chest out, head up, eyes down.  “Training Collar” I said – with no emotion. She closed her eyes and lifted her neck for Daddy to put on the training posture collar.

“Are you distracted Little One?” I asked. She paused. A clear sign she was – she had been trained better to answer immediately.  “I’m sorry Daddy. I will focus.”. This spoke volumes to me. My poor little one. My mind raced on what her worries were – but I didn’t press. I decided to go forward with the formality and see how I could help her – knowing that I can adjust if I felt I wasn’t giving her what she needed.  I made her outline the three offenses she did and recite what punishments those would mean. I had to correct her twice with her wording and volume. Rare for how I had trained her.

We started with the paddling. She had earned 30 across her bottom. Past 20 I could see her starting to relax. I was confident she was finally starting to focus. I decided the help her focus more – by forcing her to think through the rules.  I paused and asked her “Do you appreciate Daddy’s paddle?” – “Yes Daddy”. I continued and finished with the last ten – adding in extra speed and power more than usual, to the point she was flinching already and giving out ever so little yelps on the last 5 swings. I followed up “Do you like Daddy’s conditioning of your bottom with his paddle?” (She knew the risk of “choice” and it drew her focus in more). she replied “I like what Daddy tells me I like. I serve at the pleasure of my Daddy.” I could see I was helping her focus. “Good Girl” I gave her in response. I paused – a good 30 seconds. I did so until the point I could see her tilt her head slightly in anticipation, and then I asked “What if Daddy’s pleasure was to see your bottom purple. What if Daddy didn’t want to stop paddling you until he couldn’t paddle even one more swing?”. I added “Think carefully before you answer Little One, this is important” (the “This is important” was my cue to give her time before she answered.). I could see her thinking, It was a solid minute before her response. She spoke the phrase “I want whatever pleases my Daddy”. As she uttered those words I could see her relax, take a deep breath, and arch her back more, spread her legs with effort (despite already having them bound by a spreader bar) and I could see her anus open. She also took a big risk in referring to herself as what “She” wanted. Still,  I gave her a “good Girl” – and gave her ten of the strongest swings against her bottom I could muster. She yelped a good 4 times, and with flinching. She was definitely feeling it. I stopped and asked “How are you feeling Little One?. Think before you answer…”, Another solid minute, and then she had that “Realization”, that special moment. I could she her brain go through my words of “Her” and “Feeling”. Daddy doesn’t ask that in a session. She pulled out that nuance and had that realization. Her reply was classic. “I didn’t receive the gift of Daddy’s paddling correctly, may I please try again?” – and AGAIN, I could see her effort to arch back, spread legs, and open and raise her bottom. “Very well, we shall redo those”. I rendered not 10, but 20 hard as hell swats against her bottom. The last 6 she struggled through holding back yelps and not flinching. No words – but tears were stating to drip from her eyes. her only response – again – effort to arch her back, keep legs spread, and rear raised and open. Daddy continued – another 20.  Very slow with 2 seconds between each swat. Her eyes were dripping puddles of tears. She was with heavy rapid breath. No yelps – just her taking a deep breath and yet again – Repositioned herself open, rear raised, back arched, and legs held tight as far as she could spread. Her eyes closed and I could see it. I could see that bright as the sun expression that told me it had happened. That amazing transformation, that metamorphosis. I saw the biggest damn smile on her face. A glow that was undeniable. Through the next 30 swats (and I was feeling it in my shoulders at this point) – all I got was confirmation of that special moment, that so fucking special moment. No flinching, no yelps, just final final acceptance of who she was – of achieving what she wanted. She no longer had any resistance to the acceptance of what she was being trained for. She had let go of every remaining resistance. She just WAS. She became OWNED by this Daddy. She became this Daddy’s property. She became property – devoid of purpose other than to serve the whim of her Master, her Daddy. At that moment – as I recognized her amazing milestone, I got flooded back on every other sub/slave I had had in my life that had reached such freedom. If there is a way to say that a brain can orgasm – this is it for me. She endured more paddling and a full gambit of activities from Daddy over the next 20 hours she was to stay with me.  I saved extra time for after care for her and gave her my highest praise. “Daddy is very pleased, and very proud of you Little One.” This was the start of one of the most amazing relationships I had ever had – far more rewarding than I ever thought possible that could happen in any life on this planet.

It did eventually end – but that story is a blog for another time…..