The Realities of a Lonely Daddy

I have often declared myself Polyamorous. I have often boasted of this Daddy having enough Love to share with many. There is a secret behind all of that – a “Truth” this Daddy knows. It is simple – there is no “Daddy” without a “Little One”.

I write this now as I have lately been mentoring and being an ear and encouragement for a swell of Littles who have been abandoned. I want to share some feelings and thoughts for just those special Littles. I want to expose these truths – as well as declare that even this Daddy – can be lonely.

For every Little that has been, or even feels “Abandoned” – there is a counter reality often never spoken of. An aspect of this dynamic that may (or may not) help you – but regardless – a truth that can help with understanding.

I repeat again – (and oh – forewarned – will do so again) – there is no “Daddy” without a “Little Girl”.

Of this man – I am very discrete. I don’t post photos, I don’t “befriend” on adult oriented social sites. I “hide” very well.

I am not a troll. I work out 5 days a week – I even teach a fitness class twice a week. I accept meaningless advances from younglings on a regular basis. There is something special about my age, physique, and experience as a dom and Daddy that I know is an attractor now at this point in my life. It is very hard for me to understand (I am on the Autism Spectrum btw so social cues are….missed. Mostly all the time.) – but I accept any and all of it (shameless right?).

Back to reality – There is no “Daddy” without a “Little One”.

Please – let that sink in.

In reality – I am closer to a hopeless romantic than anything else. I still feel in my core that there is a “Forever Little” out there for me. I also question the validity of myself being worthy of such a gift – and – believe in karma. I believe in it to such a degree that I can already accept that I won’t have that “ultimate” bliss, regardless of how much effort I put forth into helping others and giving to the world. But still…this Daddy tries…….

Again – There is no “Daddy” without a “Little One”.

Now let’s get into that. Truth one to know – Daddy’s are NEVER infallible.

Another truth – it matters not how much Love a Daddy has for the dynamic – unless there is a Little there to receive that and want that – it simply. does. not. exist.

I have had many – well FAR TOO MANY,  that have put more than considerable effort forth – pushing beyond their own vanilla beings – to appease what this Daddy desires. I personally feel horribly bad about this. THIS Daddy allowed that extra and impossible effort from those who were not what was what Daddy needed. I still had let them try. Didn’t I say Daddy’s are not infallible? (Why is it so hard to convince others of this regardless of however many declarations?). I don’t feel like the Daddy I want to be when I say this, I just feel like a simple, stupid, and selfish “man”. (How fucking mundane)

Back to revisit – There is not a “Daddy” without a “Little”.

I personally know of “Profound Evolution”. I had it three times in my life. I know my role as a Good Daddy is to help this in those that I care for. I know intrinsically that is my role. That I “owe” this to pay forward. To do so would dishonor every good thing bestowed upon me. It is an unbreakable covenant. I have done this considerable amounts of time and have profound pride in each – even when I have fought my own “manly” selfishness to manipulate otherwise.

Still. This Daddy can be lonely, and wants that one experience where the Little wishes to stay regardless of how much Daddy has taught, shown, and pushes for her to achieve her full potential in life.

If a True Little is a snowflake, and a Good Daddy that can give so much towards the future and growth of a Little is a Unicorn, then I totally feel like an impossible equation of a Unicorn-Snowflake……….

For all of those Littles that have ever felt abandoned – know this. Truly. Whatever time you had with whatever “Daddy” you had time with – it was special – and that time was the definition of that, and the JOYS was the unicorn – and your giving (the snowflake) was the ONLY reason why that person was any semblance of a Daddy in the first place, and that makes YOU and what you GAVE, the unicorn-snowflake.  You are beautiful – wondrous, unique – and it was YOURS more than anything else. Celebrate that – and go make it happen better than before. I salute (and appreciate and love) that. – conquer it…… is YOURS to claim again (and even better) – Pinky Promise.