Q&A : One

Okay in the last week I have gotten more than a few questions sent in anonymously. Either its all one person (in which case watch out – I enjoy having stalkers) or more likely it is a coordinated pranking. Regardless I don’t like leaving things unsaid so

Question from Anon:

Why no pictures of you? – I am happy to share (non-nude) pictures of myself with people I get to know and trust. I am a face for my profession, am a RL single dad to two wonderful kiddos, and a discreet and private person. nuff said I hope…..

Question from Anon:

Describe yourself physically.  – Okay, without context I don’t know if this is an endowment question or just a description that a witness would give to police after a hit and run. I won’t answer the first as I am confident I don’t need to. I am happy with who I am and my body. For the second – 5’10” white male mid 30s to early 40s, fit and trim, with short beard and brown hair. No visible tattoos and moves as if his own music is playing in his head and confidence that the world is his. Did I mention the top hat? okay good, cause there isn’t one. I condition 5-6 days a week. I meditate. I teach a conditioning class 2x a week. I like to dance naked alone and to my Kinect Xbox or Wii dance games. My Kinect says I’m quite good but to put some clothes one. My Wii tells me I should get a PS4 and give up dancing.

Question from Anon:

Are you a foodie? I like the food pics – Actually I do enjoy good food, I cook a few dishes, but unfortunately would not call myself a Foodie. Those are the pics that came with the template I set up the blog with and I am struggling to replace them as I need to take/make some. Bon appetite in the interim.

Question from Anon:

Do you have other blogs – it seems like you have blogged before. – Yes but they are old. I took a year off. Anything current is boring industry and business topics. No I won’t share 🙂 Those are my other worlds

Question from Anon:

Are you Poly? Married? How would you define… – I think I covered this in a recent post. In my heart I am a hopeless romantic and would love to find my forever Sub/Little. Are there candidates in my life? some potentials yes – but nothing where I know enough to say definitively. Call me silly but I wouldn’t mind having a “Love at first *something*”. I am not saying love at first sight as for me it is intelligence, compatibility, humor, outlook, positivity, drive, as well as sight and taste 🙂



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  1. Here’s a ‘not so anonymous’ question lol – you reference ‘no visible tattoos’ but do you have tattoos that aren’t visible?


  2. wickeddaddy says:

    Oh my, what a little Vixen you must be to be so bold in a question. Truth be told, I am ink free presently. I refuse to follow the norm of the “Starter Tattoo” and build from there. I dream of 27% (yes I am being specific) of my body covered in a glorious blue dragon, peaking out from my corporate white undershirt at my neck (much akin to Clooney in the original Tarrantino “From Dusk Till Dawn”) and wrapping my body towards the arch of my right foot. (Where I know I will enjoy the pain of such an experience). I am an extremist to be sure – and when I have the right Dragon – it will be “Marvelous”. I have commissioned 5 artists so far – none have met my bar. If you know of any that I should consider – PLEASE tell me – I CRAVE this within the next three years. I have already researched enough – 9 sessions – over 9 months – approximately $2700. I just need the design I will be happy with. And yes – It will wrap my lower torso twice – that is a “given” for me. But thanks for asking… :).


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