Setting reward “Limits” – a few tips

A few “Best Tips” for Daddies whom have rewards systems that let their Littles earn “Whatever they want”. I have been blessed with some very creative little imps with devious and playful minds and it has gotten me into some rather precarious (although fun) scenarios. SET SOME GUIDELINES – else you may find yourself writing tips like these in your future.

  1. IF you are going to let your Little have fun with Daddy and paint Daddy’s toenails with sparkle glitter nail polish – Don’t forget to wear shoes when you go to check the mailbox the next morning. You never know when the older couple down the road (the one’s who still have the BUSH/CHENEY bumper-stickers on their car) will be checking mail at the same time.
  2. IF you let your little get to see Daddy in a diaper with them, that is the perfect time to go see a movie. Movies are getting longer and longer these days and that was one of the first movies I can remember not missing a single moment by having to go to the bathroom.
  3. Nothing says Daddy always keeps his word for a reward then going for a stroll with his little with both of you wearing pink tutus.
  4. Great tip – if your Littles wish if for a lock of Daddy’s hair – tell her you will get it for her next time Daddy goes and gets a haircut. This is important – lest she wake up early and find the scissors and gets her own reward whilst you sleep.
  5. IF the reward she wishes is to shave Daddy’s legs – set a rule that she can only ask that if it is winter and not summer when you want to wear shorts to the company picnic. This is a hard No on Daddy’s list since.
  6. Being a make-up practice head. trust me – just set that as a Hard No rule now.
  7. Dress Up – trust me – set limits and hard rules now!

Some creative deliveries of Little’s wishes

  1. One Little wanted to do a day pretending Daddy was Ken and she was Barbie. There was much glee when that day arrived and Daddy had a Big Blonde Wig for her (she was a brunette with short hair), Daddy dressed in khakis and had a cardigan tied around his neck, and when we went outside she squealed with glee as Daddy had rented a big red convertible for the day.  We drew quite a few stares but she was in heaven.
  2. One Little LOVED Jello and wanted Jello all day. It was three days before she was to come over for reward Day so Daddy made TONS of Jello – enough to surprise her when she showed up to have his garden tub filled with it. Tip though, red Jello apparently leaves residual color if sits in tub too long. Even after bleach cleaning, The tub was Pink for months lol.
  3. You’d be surprised how easy it is to find a super hero costume on Ebay.  A few minor edits to the suit and Spider man visited his little Mary Jane and webbed her to all sorts of furniture and had his superhero way with her. Excelsior indeed.