How about a little “po-em”

In the wonderful land of ABDL,

A place with the best parts of both heaven and hell,

There lived a wise wizard named Wicked Daddy,

Who could have fooled them all, (or wait, he may have already, had he?)

You see in this land, there was tons of activity,

that filled many joys – based upon your proclivity.

The bad little girls were getting their butts fully poked,

and the good little girls were getting lovingly choked,

There was an abundance of spankings to have, of that to be sure,

A wonderful reminder, by being always sore,

A lose/win endeavor, as the house held the score.

You were called by your role, be it angel or whore.

A labryinth of experiences, a million scenarios,

Who is he today?, of which my nefarios?

The sounds, OH the sounds, that would come from these places,

Mews, whimpers and moans, but all smiles on their faces.

Whatever felt right, be it slippery or tight,

You can feel rest assured, it would prolong through the night.

If your desire was release, you would be denied,

And if it was freedom, then you’d surely be tied.

He would find the point where you’d end, and that is where he’d begin,

and would do so with intent, and with that smug fucking grin.

If your body a temple, he’d scorch it to earth,

If your body a slut hole, well then he’d worship you first.

Whatever your thoughts, before going in,

He’d certainly convince, of original sin.


This Daddy was feeling poetic tonight – I hope this was enjoyable. Feedback welcome.

20 likes and I will do it again – less than that, then I shan’t try again.