Hey all you “Dudes”, “Doms” and “Daddys” out there….

Let me tell you a story. This story is consistent week over week. This week I saw it hit two people personally and I just want to take a baseball bat across the heads of some of you “Alphas”.

One young lady – a friend of a friend – joined a few sites recently and started looking for some potential friendships that could potentially lead to the wonderful forever Daddy.  She was supposed to have waited a week when I would have been able to chat with her and help give her some guidelines before jumping in. But she was excited – she had wanted the wonderment that she had witnessed from some very wonderful Little/Big couples. She didn’t wait on tips and safety practices, she just jumped right in. She posted, added in some cute photos (nothing lewd or anywhere close to suggestive in anyway) and poured out a bit of who she was and what she wanted.

She got instant response. IF you know what I mean, you mangy predators, when I say “Unicorn”, then yes – she would qualify. Young, innocent, new, and eager.  She got bombarded in just the first few days – MORE than dozens of lewd mails, dick pics, suggestions of insane scenarios, three sugar-daddy offers, and (my favorite) even a promise of a one-way plane ticket for a visit to someone’s dungeon in Canada.

If you were one of those that sent such a thing to another human being, then you sir are a predator, and a slime, and NOT a Daddy.

I will NOT be giving any blog advise to these ladies brave enough to dip their toes into these waters. I wont blog of it because I don’t want to teach you F-nuts how to reverse engineer trying to trap someone. I do however offer offline advice to any and all as well as 3 other pointers for all.

  1. Don’t post a photo of your face. Reserve that for when you have a dialog started with someone and you feel comfortable to share – off the site itself
  2. If you wish to be a sub – research research research. If you are a little -same thing. Continually defining and refining what you want (and more importantly what you don’t)
  3. Have a mentor – even better – have 3 or more. Find one within the role you fall in, one in the role you want in your life, and one with experience. For the latter – most everyone will have had some bad experiences – those are hard won battle scars and the best damn advice you can get.

On another DDLG site there was another new member. Another young beautiful fresh face. I had some brief chats with her and she expressed the same experience. Hell, one idiot kept posting on the few pics she was brave enough to post that she wasn’t even a real person – only a real doll (all the while trying to fawn and seduce her himself). She thanked me for my input – and she deleted her account.  Good for her! but bad experience. My friends and circles rally to help these new people – but too too often it just takes one predator to scar someone for life and keep them from the beauty and fulfillment of what could have been wonderful and nurturing. The unfortunate truth is too often it feels like there are more predators than genuine people. This moment right now feels like that.

Shame! you effin D-bags….

Please comment if you disagree or if you feel the same.