Q&A Two – or – I swear I’m getting punked

Okay – round 2

  1. A specific Anon asks: pervy questions (which I TOTALLY appreciate btw, but won’t recite the exact questions here, but will respond as such)

a) Repetition, slow 2 second intervals – 2-3 inches in and out. Hair pulling to match rhythm.

b) Just shy of 6 inches, but thick as fuck and curved like a natural oak bow

c) My reach-around will be better than yours, but I welcome the challenge 🙂

    2.  Question is, from Anon – How can you tell if my Daddy is a “real” Daddy or not?

I will say – the fact that you are asking the question in the first place says volumes.

 Only YOU, as the Little, will know if it feels right. If “forced” or it feels like it is Daddy “Learning while on the job” – then it is a communication. Are you okay with that – can you guide while still getting the fulfillment you need? Likely the tightrope he needs to walk is thinner than others.  Love can make that gap shorter, but if you have other needs – well – again – back to communication. You can have your Daddy contact me directly and I am happy to share whatever wisdom/experiences I have – caveated with, a Daddy is as unique as a Little. And the relationship between One Daddy and a Little is even more unique than that. Be honest with yourself and also with him – and all will be righteous in the world.

   3. Question from Anom Sub – Why must there be “maintenance Spankings” – I hate those?

Well if you “Hate Those” then either you are receiving incorrectly or it is being delivered incorrectly. I am a firm believer in Maintenance Spankings. They are designed to create a correlation between pain and pleasure.  There should be a follow up of manipulation that heightens the body to associate the pain of a spanking with pleasure. For myself, I typically take the amount of spankings and follow through with either forced orgasms or orgasm denial. IE – teaching the body that pain is associated with intense physical pleasure. If you don’t leave a spanking, even a “maintenance” spanking, with any feeling other than wanting to try to adhere to instruction better, then it is an opportunity lost.  More than likely it wasn’t delivered correctly, so again – communication and trial and error is the key to advancing this.