Non-verbal training of a sub: Part 2 – The Positions of Servitude

This is one of the first things I teach any sub of mine. It is unwavering in what must be accomplished – and corrected with taps from my crop or with slaps from my hand.

First off – a few things are established and become knowns. The first is the subs “Starting Post”. Where within the room the sub is expected to be found at the start of every session, visit, what have you…. This can be designated in early training by tape on the floor, a yoga mat – or just understanding. The second is the resting spot. This is where your sub goes when you set them at “Rest”. This spot is good for when the dom has set up activities to do between different scenes or scenarios of a session. A typical Rest Spot may be a particular corner and a typical rest activity may be a specific position of servitude or as simple as on all fours with nose in the corner, butt up,

Positions of Servitude – adjust for your own styles and tastes – these are mine. There are many more than 3, but I will be starting you off with these basics. The more advanced requires physical conditioning – and some require great flexibility.

The following is how THIS Master delivers the initial instruction and will read as my voice in instruction:

The First Position of Servitude. You will come to know the first three positions very well in your early training. They will give you some control and freedom in what happens to you and when. This will not be clear until much later, but you shall come to understand fully. Each position will be associated with a verbal command while you are starting your training, but eventually be executed from a physical command – a specific gesture of your Master’s dominant hand, which you will learn in time.

The first position is kneeling. Top of your toes pressed against the floor. The knees shall be separated as far as is comfortable, then increase that gap by 6 more inches. You will sit up straight, back slightly arched forward, shoulders pulled back, head erect but face pointing downward where your eyes will gaze at your Master’s feet. The top of your wrists will press against the apple of your butt cheeks, hands open flat.”
Okay let’s talk about the significance of this within training and some nuances and tips in learning it.  There are 10 specific things that the sub will need to learn and be able to recite. This is 10 opportunities for correction from Master’s crop, cane, or open hand. Think through the 10 for a moment
  1. Top of your toes pressed against the floor
  2. Knees separated to max extent
  3. Sit up straight
  4. back arched forward
  5. shoulders pulled back
  6. head erect
  7. face pointing downward
  8. eyes will gaze at Master’s feet
  9. wrists will press against the apple of butt cheeks
  10. hands open flat

For a Dom – my job is to help you laser focus into your role. It is to help remove all the rest of the world and bring you to harmony with yourself. It is to help you take complex thought and draw you to elimination of thought. This is the start of doing so.

It sounds and looks simple – but no – it MUST be complex. Perfection MUST be hard earned. Must be reinforced, must be punished for even the slightest failure, and the reward is earning the next even more complex challenge.

As a dom – I am going through the checklist of perfection – I will tap my cane on the inner thigh to test that the knees are spread as much as she can muster. I will pull hair upward to test you are sitting up as straight as you can. You will feel the sting of my cane on the muscles of your lower back to test you are arching forward. Each point has a method of correction as such, and each must ALWAYS be tested and corrected and reinforced until fully mastered. Post earning stations beyond having mastered these basics – a failure in form can result in swifter and harder punishments, a re-training, or even loss of position.

For myself – to test that Position one is correctly mastered, I can kneel directly behind my sub. If I am disrobed – the tip of my cock will gently press the opening of her anus while my chest is pressed to her back. From this position I can reach between her body and elbow and feel her vagina and manipulate as I see fit. The slight angle of the bent elbow to maintain open palms on the apple of the butt also gives me leverage for arm bars and manipulation of her body quite nicely.


The Second Position of Servitude starts with laying on your back. Bring your knees together and, with bent knee, bring them to touch your chest. Now with heels trying to touch your bottom, and big toes touching, spread your knees as far as it comfortable, then increase the gap six more inches. Ensuring your big toes are still touching. Raise your heels so they are a foot above your bottom.  This will be the position you will maintain. If you need to rest your legs, it will be by drawing your knees to your chest only, not lowering your legs. When not instructed to use your hands, they will be flat against the surface opened wide and outstretched – palms open and facing up. The default for your head is erect with face turned up and looking at what is behind you.”

As with Position One – there are many instructions to keep track of, and now even more opportunity for corrections to be delivered.

Let’s count shall we?

  1. Legs fully Spread
  2. Knees high in proportion to body
  3. Big toes touching each other
  4. Heels raised 1 foot above bottom (Can easily be measured it the opening of the vagina is directly below the big toes in a straight line perpendicular to the floor)
  5. Arms wide
  6. Palms flat and up
  7. Head raised (exposed for grabbing)
  8. Eyes looking directly up at the floor behind her. (You will see this fulfilled if the mouth cannot be maintained closed)

This is a very exposed position – with many more sensitive exposed areas for paddling or caning. Scenarios for correction include tying big toes together, Paddling of the vagina, or applying clothespins to the skin across the ribs to maintain focus.

A side note you may have of interest – I want to introduce you to the concepts of choice and the beauty of non-verbal communication.

This is the second position, and it will be the most direct way a sub tells their master that the sub needs to have her vagina played with and to have a vaginal orgasm.  You should right now be asking yourself why would a sub need to  EVER have such a choice? this is a pre-cursor to a subs evolution. As we have been talking about the dynamic, there will be times where even a sub will be able to earn choice. As a sub learn positions, there may be times when Master can reward by simply directing that sub to a room and “Prepare for Master” (Ie “choose”). You are commanding your sub to choose – so in reality it is still within the Doms control – but it gives choice nonetheless. The Master will go into the room in a few moments and the position the sub had chosen will non-verbally tell the Master what that sub needs/wants – and will be a reflection on how that sub wishes to serve. This should be done without words needing to ever be exchanged. Discussed in a previous post was an element of dominant/non-dominant hand and some of the significance. There may be times when a Master tells his sub to choose his hand and the hands are put in front of a kneeling sub. The choice of which hand the sub suckles with her mouth will inform the Master what it is the sub is feeling, and needing (as well as what is to be done to the sub). (Also, without a single word being spoken.). It is suckling of the Masters fingers as use of hands is prohibited without a command. The suckling of the dominant hand is a wonderful non-spoken ask of the sub for hard – unwavering delivery of what is to come. Suckling choice of the non-dominant hand is a request from the sub for more sensuality from the experience.

The Third Position of Servitude. Start by getting into position one. Once there, Separate your feet behind you shoulder length apart – there should be a good gap between your feet and they should create parallel lines from feet to knees with the opposing foot and knee. Tops of toes pressed to the ground. Lean forward to the surface until you can press your breasts to the ground. Your rear should be raised presently as if to “Present” yourself to your Master standing behind you with your back arched in as much as possible. It will create a straight line from the ground up – both your Vagina and Anus would form a perfect line perpendicular to the floor. Your face will be pressed into the ground. Here’s a hint, if you chose to face your non-dominant side, you are suggesting to your Master to “Be Gentle Please”, if facing your dominant side, you are suggesting to your Master to “Do your worst unto me”. Unless needed for instruction, your hands will be stretched high about your head, out straight, as if you are planning to be cuffed with arms outstretched. Palms open flat and facing skyward. Effort shall be put in attempting to arch the back downward, trying to force as low of your abdomen towards the ground. You may spread your stance as much as needed to accomplish getting as low as possible, but again – feet to knees parallel with another, straight line to the sky aligning vaginal opening and anus.”

Wow – its getting more complex now huh? The verbiage I specifically use creates a swirl – and even more opportunity for the sub to have to focus more – and even more opportunity for “Corrections” to need to be delivered.  Let’s do our count of focal points:

  1. Parallel Legs (This forces the feet farther apart and leave a big opening to be mounted from behind)
  2. Tops of toes pressed to ground
  3. Chest touching ground
  4. Back arched downward
  5. Rear Raised as high as possible
  6. Arms stretched forward
  7. Hands out straight and facing upward

I hope you are seeing the methods of increasing complexity – the opportunities to draw your sub deeper into focus, and all the wonderful opportunities for corrections as well.

Back to elements of choice. The first three positions of servitude are special. When a Master requires a choice or when a Master simply wants non-verbal feedback – These positions can be that conduit. As we see with position 3, a particularly vulnerable position – the facing of the subs face is such a cue the Master can draw from (or even reference. I had one sub who faced left to her non-dominant side as she still had fears of anal. I grabbed her hair and forced her face to point right to the dominant side as a non-verbal indicator of what was to come. I particularly enjoy being able to obtain feedback from my subs without having to weaken the scenario or session through having to talk through it. When directed to choose – it adds more of this as well.  When Master tells his Sub “Go to the other room and prepare for Master.”, then Master is giving the sub a choice in servitude. If Master walks into the room and the sub is in position 1, that tells The Master that the sub you wishes to serve him orally. You can add to that with slight facing as well. I find a good sub picks up on ever so slight positioning and it can beautifully happen naturally). If that subs cheek is turned slightly away from my dominant hand, then that tells me to be rough and to take as it pleases me. If turned slightly left, it is asking me to give the sub a chance to pleasure me gently (as well as to be gentle and caring of the sub). If Master walks in and his sub is in position 2, that begs for Vaginal servitude. Again if face is turned slightly left, they are hoping for Master to mount the sub and be tender. If turned left, you are asking Master to abuse their vagina in any manner he sees fit. If Master walks in the room and the sub is in position 3, The the Master knows the sub wants to be “taken”. If faced left, it is a hard fuck, but faced right, it is the sub asking to be brutalized and/or anally pounded.

Questions and Comments Welcome – I will try and get part 3 posted in the next day or two. Part three will incorporate the positions of servitude with non-verbal commands, a bit more on non-verbal communication between a sub and a dom, and expand on the list of the Positions.