Non-Verbal Training of a Sub


I need to preface that these are MY techniques. Yes others have their own, yes you may have seen elements of this before, yes there are books out there that describe doing it different – this is simply mine. Feel free to borrow, adapt, and use in any way other than publishing or monetizing from them. That I would require credit and licensing. And yes – I can prove my own publishing of these almost 16 years ago.

A few assumptive, and a generalized term. When I say Dom in this, I am referring to a “Master”, a “Sir”, or a “Daddy”.  When you see the word “Dom” – replace in your reading mind the reference that resonates with you, being Master, Sir, or Daddy.

There is also a common understanding of nomenclature of the holes of service, being that the subs orifices are “owned” by the Dom. The common references

1 – Dom’s “Cunt” – This refers to the subs mouth. It is called a cunt simply because its purpose is to be used for fucking far more than for anything else. This ratio will be maintained and ensured by the dom.

2 – Dom’s “Pussy” – This refers to the vagina of the sub.

3 – Dom’s “Other Pussy” – This refers to the anus of the sub.

For myself – these are numbered in order, and a non-verbal command is a snap of this Dom’s fingers. 1 snap, then I want Master’s Cunt in play, 2 snaps, then I want Master’s Pussy in play, 3 snaps then Master’s Other Pussy.

There is also a logic between which hand is in use. Master’s dominant hand is his right, less dominant his left. The hand used in non-verbal commands denotes the adherence required. Dominant hand is strict – unforgiving and requiring adherence to what was trained as far as proper form, technique, etc. The expectation is highest when the dominant hand is used. The non-dominant hand gives leeway – tells the sub that effort and the assumed outcome is what Master is desiring. Often times this is more of a request for effort in worship. More on this later.

In my early days I didn’t give much credence to non-verbal training. It took a wonderful deaf sub to teach me the joys and values of such training. That full story for another day, but a nice flash of memories rushing to me as I write this.

Before getting into the basics – there is always a question of safety and communication beyond the scenario. Examples being if the sub requires hydration, or perhaps bathroom (also more to Post on these later). For this I borrow from wrestling or martial arts training. To initiate a needs question from the sub – the sub simply taps anywhere on her body 3 times. Much like a “Tap Out” when pinned. This is the queue to the Dom to stop and ask the sub to speak a request – albeit following the formal rules set as to how to properly speak to their dom.

Why Non-Verbal training? In my personal (and pleasurable) experience – non-verbal training serves a few wonderful values. I use it as a step up in station between various levels of collars. It is also continued training – a dom who doesn’t have the “Next” path is a poor dom and will be tired of quickly. All continued training and next paths are righteous to the relationship.  It is both of these things – but most importantly – it is an amazing bonding experience. It greatly heightens the subs focus and attention until it becomes second nature, and so eloquently simplifies the interactions to just that pinpoint gesture where the servitude is instant (and such fulfillment to learn and adhere to such is great for a sub).


The basic hand gestures

There is an assumption that my subs are trained to sit or kneel with head erect, shoulders back, back arched, and eyes always down. In reality – with non-verbal training – the eyes are almost always focus on Master’s cock area – so non-verbal commands can easily be seen. (There will be more postings later on Posture Training – Wicked Promise).

The first action – the “Pay Attention” action – is what the sub is looking for. It is a very simple quick lift of two fingers from the Doms hand. This instantly tells the sub that a command is about to be issued. You will see in each of the following, that “Attention” is the first movement – followed by the simple command.

Here are some basic commands

The first two are actions – telling the sub to either go to their designated rest spot and that Master will come get them later and at his wish. The second it to go to rest spot but be at the ready, Master will require them very soon.

<Go to rest spot and wait>

<Go to rest spot and be at the ready>

The next set of commands are quick and basic commands. I find these good for initial training of non-verbal – until the advanced training where the Positions of Servitude are fully incorporated.

These commands are (Starting with “Attention”) :

<Stand Here, feet together,>

<Stand Here, Legs Apart>

<Kneel Here, knees together>

<Kneel Here, Knees Apart>

<On all fours here, head to the ground, Bottom up>

and <On all fours here, Head Raised with bottoms up>

The assumption for where here is – is ALWAYS in front of Master, squared to where his shoulder are squared. This does not deviate.

These basics will start you off with non-verbal training. Questions always welcome.

I will add a follow up post on the Positions of Servitude as well as Non-Verbal Training PT 2 – which incorporates the Positions of Servitude.