The Mind “F” – One Technique (Graphic 18+)

There is a sublime component of training that removes individual thought. It trains the sub to think only of what the Master wants, and to learn to be conscious of, well, serving without consciousness. It is the mind fuck…… One technique to be shared.

This particular sub was a “Thinker” – This Master/Daddy loves “Thinkers”. I so enjoy using that element in their training. She was petite, 5’2″, a cross-fit trainer with amazingly muscular thighs that seemed to always be flexed (except when Daddy was forcing her to relax during anal servitude that is). And this day was “Special”. She had just gotten her degree two days before. She was coming to her Daddy for – with that smug grin on her face and with Daddy’s acknowledgements given on her achievement – what I knew she thought would be reward. This Daddy was about  to teach her differently.

This particular sub had a LOVE of the prolonged, teased out – orgasm. It really was what she so so so would focus on earning from Daddy. The last session when she received this was being tied across my mobile kitchen cutting board – a rolling cabinet of kitchen supplies set on wheels with a 4″ think butcher block for cutting on top.  Today it was in Daddy’s living room and her eyes were aglow when she walked in. Poor little lamb I thought. Reward for achievement is what I am certain she thought.

She undressed as she was trained to do and went to her designated spot. She recognized the timing for her collar and without prompting shut her eyes and lifted her head for the placement of her position around her neck. And she settled in, more relaxed than normal. Daddy lifted her by a tight fisting of her hair, and lifted her 90lb frame onto the butcher block as he had before. Daddy was slow and deliberate in tying her down, her legs wrapped tightly on the block as if all her appendages were hugging it with the greatest of care – but still – exposing her in the most awkward of positioning. She enjoyed the contortion-ing – she was quite flexible, and enjoyed being in positions of discomfort that tested even her considerable and trained flexibility. Daddy took extra care to ensure it was much tighter than before. I could see that little smile on her face. Again I thought – poor little lamb. and how befitting to be on Daddy’s butcher block.

Daddy proceeded to oil her vagina with coconut oil, although in reality it felt like wasted effort given she was dripping so much naturally. It wasn’t until Daddy extra-liberally oiled her anus did I get any reaction from her other than the selfishness I had detected before – but she quickly relaxed.

Daddy gave a long 5 minutes of her being bound and without any interaction. A practice she was used to from me, a practice that let her *situation* sink in – a practice she had learn to be appreciative of – as it is the moment to let it all become very real and for her to become very very aware – and to anticipate what was to come.

Daddy put on the carpet before her – three instruments. The dildo she most enjoyed. The Glass Dildo of training, and one other toy (Obviously of phallic design), but wrapped in a small towel. Daddy did so that she could see, and she knew that. And gave no more indication of my intent of her seeing it other than yet another level of relaxation of her body. In fact – given her position, the placement of the three toys in front of her was all that she could see.

Daddy grabs her favorite dildo and then moves behind her. Another long pause. Then the tip of her favorite toy is already teasing her vagina. Little insertions – some soft – some hard and quick – nothing exceeding an inch and a half of penetration. Just as she had had before. Where she was already exuberantly wet before, now it felt like she was gushing.  The squishing sound was making Daddy oh so engorged himself. Again I thought – poor little lamb.

The practice she had had received before now started. The ever so slow and deliberate insertion of the dildo – one inch more after a minute – ever increasing… it had started. The joyful moans ensued – 2 minutes in – 2 inches. 3 minutes in, 3 inches,  at 7 minutes – she was hard pressed to maintain herself – and Daddy slowed the process even more. This was what this particular sub OH so loved. and now the change up….

“Daddy is proud of you Little One” – “Thank you Daddy” was the quick and trained reply.

“You have achieved a solid milestone Little One” – “I Could not have done it without my Daddy” was her reply – again trained and expected. Especially after the many months of reward/punishment based exercises done towards supporting her studies.

“You should feel proud of yourself Little One”. She replied – “I am proud that I made my Daddy Proud of me”. (Again practiced, and despite her inflated ego – I thought to myself “She didn’t bite”).  The ever slowing and ever deepening penetrations continued. I estimated she was about 9 minutes away from her first orgasm.

“Well College Grad – let’s put that beautiful mind to use shall we?” – a quick (and trained) “Yes Daddy, whatever you wish” was her reply.

Daddy stopped the penetration. He started back up – even more slowly that before as he posed to her ” What is the opposite of Less?”. It took her a few seconds to adjust to this and then, She fairly quickly answered “More?, Daddy” – my pace of insertion quickened.

I posed “If one is not rich than they are….” – to which she replied “Poor, Daddy” – and the pace quickened a bit more.

“You are not only Daddy’s Slut when he desires, but you are also Daddy’s…..”  – she quickly answered “Whore, Daddy” – and the pace quickened again. She was now starting to faintly moan despite her usual strength in being able to restrain.

At this point I could already see the little muscle convulsions that suggested she was abnormally losing control and at risk for early orgasm. I knew this was a mix of her bravado in expecting rewards as much as overconfidence on her own expectation of the evening. I had to quicken my plans.

My next query “So of orgasms tonight, how many do you wish for?” – it was a quick answer – already subconsciously trained by the rhyming “FOUR DADDY”. And then so, Daddy quickly pulled the instrument from her and gave her a “NO!”. I slowly reached for the glass dildo in her view – and while inserting it into her anus (BTW – Daddy had retrieved the glass dildo earlier from his freezer. Yes – I am THAT Wicked) and – while ever so gently and ever so slowly inserting it – to its hilt – reminded my sub “A Good Little Girl wishes ONLY for what their Daddy tells them to wish for”. And I stepped away. Simple as that.

This particular sub – especially given her muscular strength – always had a tendency to expel through convulsions whatever was placed in her bottom.  She knew the punishments for doing such and, although very surprised at the turn of events versus her bravado of expectations, completely and immediately relaxed her lower body (Despite the added intensity of the cold instrument) – and accepted the insertion and the instant knowledge that she must *hold it there* less risk punishment. I had trained her well to this point I had thought at this moment. I let a full 5 minutes pass before re-engaging. She was no longer at risk of early orgasm. Time also to give her “Thinking” mind a chance to grasp that she had inserted HER wish over that of her Daddy’s – despite the possible feeling of being set up by Daddy in the first place.

I returned to the room. “We shall try again Little One” I said as I ever so slowly removed the instrument from her bottom. “Yes Daddy, Thank you Daddy” was her (again trained) reply. She was back in focus.

Back to her favorite dildo. Gentle and oh so shallow teasing of her vagina. The insertions began again as Daddy Asked “IF one doesn’t know the words to a song, then one can always what? Little One”. A tougher thinking answer from her after a short pause “Hum Daddy?” “Good Girl” was my reply – and the speed of the insertions quickened again.  “Little One, Captain Morgan’s is a type of…” – again thoughtful pause – this was one of Daddy’s regular stock, “Rum, Daddy?”. A quick reply “Good Girl” and again – the pace quickened – and with more deliberate intensity than felt before. A HARD insertion – slow slow slow pulling out. She was already getting over stimulated – as my design – the muscle convulsions starting again.  I said scholarly “The addition of multiple numbers in an equation would result in WHAT? Little One…..” – no delay and no ask “The Sum, Daddy.” and the pace yet again quickened, with my also noting again – even higher risk of early release. “And you wish to now do WHAT Little One” – and a very quick and exacerbated “To CUMMM, Daddy, Oh Please can I CUMMMM?” and my Reply “NO”. and the toy was quickly and summarily removed. And ever so slowly the glass dildo re-inserted into her anus as Daddy Explained “A GOOD Little Girl does NOT wish for ANYTHING other than what their DADDY tells them to wish for….. Do you understand LITTLE ONE?”.  She is hard pressed to relax her body for the second insertion – but still mutters out “Yes Daddy, I forgot my place Daddy”.

During her now 7 minutes cool down Daddy takes her favorite toy and places it gently on the floor in front of her. Daddy unwraps the towel so she can see the hidden instrument of her now assumed destruction. The vibrating Hitachi wand. Oh how she knew the power of this device. Daddy had made her force squirt numerous times before with this wonderful instrument. Daddy had even at one point brought her to light-headedness with it – and she was very respectful of what THIS Daddy can do with it.

The seven minutes pass slowly – with her starting to hyperventilate in the first four minutes to calming and relaxing in the last three.  “We  try again” I say – no emotion slipping in saying so.

The wand turns on – the slow grinding of the lowest setting – and the teasing of her clitoris begins. Gentle rubbing – then hard pressure, then removal from touching her. Again and again – mixing as much as I can in combinations until I start getting the moaning and twitching responses that tell me what I want from the effort. Then I pause, and ask, and while starting my question I place the wand squarely in optimal positioning and double the speed and say – with intent “What does my Little WANT?” and hold it there on that sensitive spot – vibrating against the delicate organs that have been teased for almost and hour now. She composes herself – well – to the best she can, and exclaims “I ONLY want what my Daddy tells me I want”……I pause but the wand is still pressed hard to her clitoris – grinding out vibrations I can see ripple through her body. “Good Girl” I now say softly “And what does this Daddy’s Little Girl WISH for….” and I crank the setting up another 25% power. She is now fully focused and fully in understanding of what is required from her “I wish for ONLY whatever my Daddy wants and wishes for……” with the added “Nothing else Daddy, I promise….nothing else than what you want….”

The next hour and 20 minutes continues in such fashion – abject denial – abject reinforcement – 5 denials of her pleas and begging for permission to cum,  …. and then a full release granted from her proud Daddy, spraying the floor in a glorious puddle, Followed by two more from intense follow through penetrations.

Aftercare was lots of baby kisses and the biggest hugs and cuddling I have had in a long time. She fell asleep in my arms. And Daddy carried her to his bed that night. and held his precious little one all night long.