So, do you Love Anal? Or will this be your first time?

I am a total braggart to say, and say with ZERO humility, but once,  having a girl bound and me leaning my mouth to her ear with a hand that had been teasing her vagina for the last 40 minutes,  while whispering to her the title of this post, made her reach a very fulfilling release.  Aside from that boast (which I needed btw, thank you for allowing me that), this subject deserves some *prodding* (and oh yes, there will be FAR more puns and innuendos on this *sensitive* subject). To *Delve In* deeper,

I remember in the early 90s a gay comedian told a joke about his strict god-fearing father from the south giving him the advice growing up of “Son, if sex ever becomes a pain in the ass, you’re doing it wrong.”  For this post, I am flashing back to this so lets add it to the *peg* board shall we?

A few tips for new Doms or Daddies uninitiated in training subs for anal but who still wish to add the #3 to the eventual availability list.

  1. Do what I do when you have a sub that has anal fears – make a progressive march into the Glittering Caves  (also known as Aglarond,  the cave system located behind the Deeping Wall of Helm’s Deep.) <OH SO MANY Inferences!>)  that you would expect to take weeks – and stick to that time table. The un-manipulated virgin entrance can barely fit a hobbit now, so take your damn time before trying to force your dragon through it.
  2. Start small. Here are a few easy ones
    1. Doctor Daddy – Must take your temperature daily. Laytex glove – start with pinky, graduated to middle finger over time. Doctor Daddy can also have “Exams” where stretching occurs.
    2. Create an association between anal and pleasure – while performing acts on the vagina, use a finger to rub circles over the anus. In time, dip a finger in a bit. You will know from her movements and sounds when that is pleasurable, but don’t fixate and don’t over stimulate.
    3. As with all advanced (Or feared acts) – use denial. Call out – “No No – you don’t get that yet. You haven’t earned it.” . Subs when trained correctly learn to crave what they cannot have.  Create that desire in her mind.
    4. Anal plugs – you know – that metal set of three S-M-L. have your sub wear it daily and as you go out. it gets her used to having something in there and it helps stretch and relax the muscles over prolonged use. Graduate sizes over time or, do what I do – Master is in charge of inserting. When it is time to graduate – show her the small one, then without her looking – insert the big one.
    5. Most human fears of anal are around leakage and embarrassment. From my personal perspective – I own ALL of my sub – including their perceived embarrassments. That needs to be a part of your training. It is easier for ABDL when you can get her continence training to the point of filling her diapies with a load. For non-diapergirls – take ownership of what has been instilled as “Private” or “Embarrassing”. My subs have to ask permission before using the restroom.  The door to the bathroom is never allowed to be closed, and Daddy/Master can stand there while the sub does her business. My subs get comfortable enough to suckle on their master while peeing or defecating and this Dom takes ownership of all of their functions. For training ones new to anal – employ this practice – own baby wipes, and enforce that only the Master or Daddy is allowed to wipe the subs bottom. Make it normal for the dom to be exposed to those functions and to take ownership over it.
    6. Routine spankings. A key to anal is that the sub be spread enough, and most importantly – relaxed enough. For subs fearful of anal – I train them to get ready for anal without their knowing it. It is called “Relaxed bottom” spanking. It goes like this – The sub is informed that extra swats during spanking will be given when the Master notices clinching.  My standard is 3 extra swats – extra slow, and extra hard, after announcing that she has earned them for clinching. These are not surprise swats – I even count down. The reason is to give her every opportunity to focus on the relaxation.

Example scenario: During spanking Dom notices sub clinching her anus.  Dom stops and announces noticing the clinching using whatever communication technique being employed. Dom calls out (or has sub call out) punishment for clinching. Dom states that the punishment (extra 3 swats in my world) are to be carried out now – and that the dom will be watching for clinching. If clinching is noticed, then added punishment. Remind the sub to relax, and countdown – 3-2-1 SMACK. Pause for watching for clinching – and rinse and repeat. Through this, You – the dom – are creating the special focus of your sub on the act of relaxing the anus.

The second part of this is how far the legs are spread. On all fours, the muscles in the glutes and the standard position is NOT conducive to anal. Here’s a cheat. The knees need to be as far apart as comfortable, then 6 inches more. If you keep the knees and feet equal distance apart (The knees to toes forming parallel lines from each leg) then it is perfect. Have your sub focus on arching back downwards – or pressing chest to floor and arching bottom up.  Some people have very limited flexibility and are not comfortable in this position. The triangle wedge cushions are great for this – or you can start with a “on all fours” with knees together – but the feet have to be spread as far apart as possible.

Further into the rabbit *hole* we go now and lets talk about the “Anal Orgasm”. The stimulation of the prostate that creates – well – an uncontrollable spasm-ing that has the same feeling (some say even better) than a vaginal orgasm. If you’ve never had one – then add it to the top of your list.

How to get there.

  1. Plan for up to 2 hours+
  2. Its mental – so the situation has to be conducive
  3. Slow and steady wins the race

A dom’s inventory list (well THIS Dom’s inventory list for the first full anal experience of a subs)

  1. A plug in fan
  2. Extra latex gloves (I usually have 5-6 extras)
  3. Glass smooth dildo (one without a head)
  4. Scented candle or fragrance
  5. Baby wipes
  6. Hand Towels
  7. plastic bag
  8. Coconut oil (or other lubricant)
  9. Hydration for the sub – ideally with a long straw

You’ll understand why through the story – but know – 2,5,6, and 7 – all hidden from subs view and behind her.

One of my subs experiences:

Of this sub she had on her list of “wants, but afraid to try” was of course “Anal”.  In fact it was ranked last on her list but still – when discussed – I knew by her eyes and a little extra smile it was likely her most fervent wish of the *Taboo* things she was hoping to be inducted into her life through training from me. Early on she was definitely a “clincher” – and the methods I outlined before in this post were incorporated early on and she progressed well over the first month and a half. She was now getting fully comfortable defecating while on the toilet with Master’s cock in her mouth while doing so.  Her routine spankings were now at the point where she was fully relaxed and focused. Forced and denied orgasms now included frequent rubbing of her anus and again, gentle occasional insertions of Master’s fingers. She was not a diapergirl – so continence training was not a part of her experiences (with the exception of when she was forced to squirt on Master’s rug and was put into a diaper for the remainder of the day as punishment for “peeing” on Master’s floor). I use the practice of repetition and expectations a lot as you may be starting to see in my posts. I use it to set expectations, to reinforce training, but also – to catch my sub off guard and transition to the next new thing. A bridge if you will into the next great teaching. In one of my rooms this Master has a Platform for his subs.  A raised wooden structure just big enough for a person to be manipulated on. It is 3′ off the ground and exactly 5′ x 5′ and it is well padded. I had an ottoman for this purpose until I had this platform custom made. I had one sub refer to it as “Master’s Workbench” – a reference I still enjoy today. A sub can be bound to this, bent over it, displayed on it, or can fully fulfill all the trained Positions of Servitude. Today is was back to Position of Servitude #3 (See a previous post on Positions of Servitude).

The last two times this sub was on Master’s workbench for Position of Servitude # 3 was for orgasm endurance training. I knew in her mind that was what she was anticipating when Master gave her the commands to get into Position 3 on the point of the platform.

As before, her chest was lowered, she was strapped down. Her face was forced to face left (endurance training is non-dominant – reference non-verbal training posts for the whys and hows), and the bit gag was placed in her mouth and secured.  Endurance training is a special training time for a sub – it is the middle ground between forced orgasms as well as orgasm denial. It is a delicate tightrope walking of both Dom and Sub. Where the Dom tries to keep the sub close enough and sustained at the brink without going over, the Sub is focused on will and controlling her body not to fall into release.

Master gloves his hands then turns on the fan positioned on the side of the platform where her head is – with wind flowing on the slowest setting from the top of her head down across her back. The scented candle already being pulled by the fan to wash over her – a gentle fragrance. The soft wind already causing goosebumps adding to her experience.

As before, Master generously and slowly applied the coconut oils all over her holes, rubbing in and adding extra for that wonderful squishy sound that heightens her arousal. She settles in for what she is used to being a multi-hour practice.

As before, Master starts the cycles of tempo and rubbing of her clitoris to ever so slowly warm her up. The gentle rubbing of her anus is introduced on cue – with the delicate occasional poking of the fingers inside. about 10 minutes in, and as she had experienced 2 times before, The Glass Dildo of Training is introduced to her vagina. Very slow insertions in – ever increasing depth, but not quickening in pace. This continues for another 20 minutes – her enjoyment demonstrated in long soft moans that sound more like purring to this Master’s ears. And now the introduction of the change-up.

There is an anal toy that is about 5 inches long that looks like beads fused together. Each rounded bump increases ever so slightly in diameter – ending with a 2 inch with bulb at the very hilt. This Master’s technique – each bulb is a unit of measure and the smaller the measure, the greater the speed. The tiniest tip is the smallest – so Master starts dipping that into her anus at a pace of about 3 dips per second. This is pretty much like a jackrabbit vibrator. This continues for just a few minutes – her moans are increasing and her breath just the faintest twinge of increasing. Now the second bulb on the toy – speed reduced to about 2 a second. (the size of this toys for the first 3 beads is easily handled by even the most untrained anus – it is the rubbing of the curves against the sensitive tissues and muscles of the anus that is causing the sensation at this point).  This lasts almost 5 minutes – then the third bulb is introduced – slowing to 1 insertion per second of the 1-2-3 bulbs of the toy.  This round lasts about 6 minutes – her moaning ever increasing in volume – Master silent through it all. 4th bulb now – a 1 per 2 second insertion and removal – lasting 7 minutes. It isn’t until now is the bulb of enough size to start stretching the anus.  It initially gives a faint “Pop” when pulled out. (This please my ears I had thought). That is another reason for the slowing (and ensuring full lubrication – always as Master pours on more coconut oil). Her moans are now starting to be timed with the insertion of the fourth bulb and its removal. Her breath is quickening – her training to “relax” staying strong with her.  5th bulb – is now bringing the diameter of stretching to about an inch and a half. Much slower – insertion and removal taking 1 per 4-5 seconds. Her moans are perfectly aligned with the insertion and removal “Uhhmm” with breathing in on the insertion “Huhhhhhm” with exhale on the removal.  Some feces is building on the toy – Master wipes this in between insertions without ever slowing the pace. (baby wipes and plastic bag remember?). We move to the full hilt – the 2 inch diameter bulbs. This is now 1 full insertion over 20 seconds at first – then over the next 12 minutes – slowly quickened to 1 full insertion over ten. Her heart rate is up, breathing heavier – and the moans more audible than ever.

When the 12 minutes are up – the sub is given hydration, but also not allowed to speak. The bit gag removed – her water delivered through straw, and the bit gag reaffixed. While tightening the gag, Master says, showing little emotion, “Master is pleased that you have given enough effort to now grant you your first anal orgasm”. (Oh how her eyes widened – I will remember that look forever. It was like watching a real life japenese cartoon her eyes were wo wide). She gives a long squealing moan as I give her a little Wicked grin and then move quickly out of view and behind her again.

Now gentle reader – this is a part I must write about now. In time this sub will come to know the ways of anal douching and enemas, as well as diet and preparation – but at this point all of this is foreign to her. I ensured she had eaten the right foods that day (salad versus Mexican for example) and I made sure she had an earlier bowel movement. I do not mean to spoil any mood of this writing – but this is a fact of human physiology – and needs to be known.

The next few moments is spent with extra lubrication of her anus using an over abundance of coconut oil both in and outside of her. Master uses his other hand to stroke her clitoris to distract her while doing do. My towel handy – Master is inserting 2 and even 3 fingers into her now stretched anus. I distract her with more deliberate stroking of her vagina while my other hand uses two fingers to scoop out any remaining chips and balls of feces. She cannot see this, know this is happening, or smell it (Hence the fan and the fragrance). She is only feeling it as stimulation from her Master – and no illusion is broken as I wipe it on the towel and wrap it in the plastic bag once I have fully vacated her. Master re-gloves – and now we start with the Glass Dildo of Training. This one has no head – it is smooth from tip to shaft with the exception of the most gentlest of ridges in a design pattern half way down the shaft.  Many techniques are employed – between timing and tempo – but all reaching a point of insertion to where the other side of her can be felt. It is a soft push – not a pounding – you never poke, you gently touch and remove. It won’t take long – it will be surprisingly quick – 10-25 minutes – when it will start to happen. (Although ever sub I have done this for has claimed it felt like hours). As with this sub – the moaning continued – a gentle rocking within her constraints – heavy breathing. As with all – you will start to see convulsions from the abdomen, added contortion-ing attempted from back arching. Then the first one – a buildup lunging – an attempt of her body to squeeze out the glass instrument. Master holds it tight to keep it from shooting across the room like a sniper bullet. At every relaxation of her body – at every even slight relaxation – Master continues the slow motions of insertion and removal. Another one – more intense – Master holds the depth of the toy throughout. Her body is now recognizing that it will not stop. The next two are at full force – and her moans are matching some of her best orgasms with me to date. It looks like every muscle in her body is in play. It is this feeling – or trying to expel – of the body contorting fully and with every muscle – that is what I call the  “Anal Orgasm”. 5 full minutes of this. She is wild with contractions. But the challenge is – the anal orgasm can never fully be satisfied, there is no Final Release –  so a Master must create an end to the story another way.

Master now moves to just using the instrument from hilt fully inserted – to only removing it two inches – keeping the depth inside of her – and at even half the speed. Masters other hands starts vigorously circling her clitoris. It takes less than 2 minutes and – as she gushes forth her vagina orgasm while at the same time convulsing for her biggest anal push yet – then Master pulls the toy – an uncapping of the fire hydrant from her orifices. And she gives that final moan to the heavens equal to thanking the gods. Or in this case – Her Master.

There is little mess from her bottom – but what is there is quickly wiped and hidden by Master.  She is caressed to help bring her heart rate back down – as Master quickly and methodically unstraps her.  Her bit gag is removed last – I can already see her amazement of the experience in her loving eyes to Master. Master has hydration ready – she throws away the straw and gulps the entire container, then, without wiping the moisture from her face – gives me the “Thank you Master. Thank you……Thank you.”

Aftercare was extra long after such an experience, she quickly falls asleep in Masters arms.

I hope this helps you with your spelunking endeavors (had to get one last pun in – sorry).

Message if questions – I am happy to share.

Update: Reference Examples (per someone’s request). Below: A common anal trainer as well as what this Master calls the “Glass Dildo of Training”.