Expectations for my Little – A Daddy’s note

I came across this today and, given a topic I have been wanting to write while also – having had a busy few days and being lazy to create NEW content – will give this up now.

This was a sub who found quickly through this Daddy that she really REALLY wanted to be in LittleSpace.  This Daddy had already diapered her in one session and now she was planning a full day and night of being Little with Daddy. She asked for a note on what she should expect – here was what I provided her (NOTE this was, as it should always be, tailored to her special desires discussed and is nuanced as such. I will keep writing that every Little is different and their care should tailor THEM and not the dom) :

Update: This particular sub was already 6 months into formal training as a slave before this conversion to Littlespace – as such she was used to detailed communication. This below would likely overwhelm a new Little – but given the extent written out for THIS sub – it may help you in your DDLG realm. (Or at least give you some wicked ideas….)

Hi Little One, you should be proud of yourself for using your words and asking your Daddy what to expect. Daddy is proud of you for this.

What to expect when visiting Daddy

Daddy will greet you at the door with a hug and a kiss on your forehead

Shoes are taken off and go at the front door along with whatever you bring (backpack and such). Other personal items (Toothbrush, Stuffies, etc – Daddy will take you by hand and show you where you can put those.

 When Daddy says it is time to eat, little girl will drop whatever she is doing and go to kitchen. My little girl will help by setting the table and telling Daddy what she wishes to drink from her sippy cup. Daddy will make the food and drinks. Little girl may help only under Daddy’s supervision. Little girl may be asked to set the table if Daddy thinks she can be responsible enough – also under Daddy’s supervision

Daddy may do whatever he feels is necessary to help his little girl eat. A bib if she is messy, spoon feeding if she needs it, Daddy juices if she is needing additional flavor for appetite, or even spoon feeding of Daddy juice. Little girl may be asked to sit on Daddy’s lap for feeding if needed. If little girl finishes all of her food, she may politely ask for a treat for dessert

Little girl may be asked to clean up after eating if one of her chores, also under Daddy’s supervision.

 When little girl needs to go potty, she may use her words and tell Daddy. If Daddy notices she is squirming or holding herself, Daddy may remind her to listen to her body and go potty. Daddy is to help her go potty if she cannot on her own.

Daddy will enforce random wetness or oil checks to ensure his little one is taking proper care of herself. If little girl wets her panties too much, Daddy may enforce Diaper time so she may get herself under control. Daddy may also do random temperature checks to make sure his little girl is well. This entails bending his little girl over and inserting a finger into her bottom for 30 seconds to take her temperature. If further temperature checks are needed it may be done orally. If my little girl is found to be sick Daddy may become “Doctor Daddy” to further the examination

There will be several play times allocated. Daddy’s discretion on giving choices to his little girl.

Examples of Playtime

Princess locked in a castle
My little ballerina
Naughty Teddy Bear
Daddy’s Little Kitten
Honey all over
Little slave girl
Tickle Fingers Puppet Show

There may be allocation for learning time each day. Daddy’s discretion on giving choices to his little girl.

Examples of Learning Time

Stranger Danger
How Babies are made
Endurance Training (Oral, Vaginal, Anal)
What fits here?
Physical Education 

When not allocated time, Daddy’s little girl may free play, watch movies with Daddy, Help Daddy shop, roll around on Daddy’s carpet, play video games, etc. Little girl should ask Daddy what is appropriate for her to do

At Daddy’s, little girl will dress as Daddy asks. Dress may include Daddy helping her pick outfits, play time dress up, diapers, just panties, or nothing at all

Daddy may allocate “special time”. Daddy will send little girl to his room and follow a few minutes later. Little girl will choose what special time play is by the position she chooses before Daddy enters the room. If Daddy enters the room and his little is on her knees, then she has chosen to honor her Daddy and she wants Daddy in her mouth. If little girl climbs on Daddy’s bed and is on her back, legs up and raised, then little girl has chosen to be treated lovingly and wants Daddy laying on top of her. If little girl climbs into Daddy’s bed, lays her face and tummy down, rear raised to “present” to Daddy, then little girl wants Daddy to use her as he sees fit and in whatever manner he wishes

Little girl may also initiate “special time” through her words and actions. She may tell Daddy that her princess parts are tingling, or may rub herself on the carpet or mounting her stuffies while on her tummy. Little girl may also tell Daddy she is feeling naughty or needs her insides tickled

Bath Time will occur whenever Daddy says. As my little girl isn’t big enough to do it on her own, Daddy will pour the bubbly bath and help his little girl in. Daddy will help clean his little one. If Daddy is also dirty, Daddy may join his little. Little girl may help bathe Daddy

BedTime, Little girl will brush her teeth and wash her face with Daddy’s help. She will get dressed for bed with help from her Daddy and his decisions. She may ask Daddy where she wants to sleep, but Daddy will have final decision. Bedtime will consist of cuddles and bedtime story. Daddy may include other activities depending on whatever he is feeling at that moment. Little girl is to do whatever Daddy asks before sleep.

As always – questions, clarity, or comments welcome.