The BIG epiphany – a MUST read

So it has been several days since Wicked Daddy has written – but I assure you gentle readers – it was for a great cause.

It has long been a hobby of mine to write and teach DIY BDSM to our communities as well as to personally find great value in quality products for my own personal (and trust me, quite extensive) collection. This will lead to the epiphany I will share (Promise)

I have two friends staying with me presently – and one just happens to be an import/export broker (as well as a Dom of about 12 years experience – one I have shared many techniques with). The other is a great philosopher in her own right and is prone to debating me until the light comes up in the morning. (Even if latest debate had to do with 80’s pop culture lol).  And yes – she “lost” the debate…somewhere between Flock of Seagulls and Adam Ant. (Even if she herself would still argue otherwise HA).

So here is the simple premise – Adult Toys are Fucking WAY too over-priced. The quality is poor 90% of the time – and there is NO solution other than insane amounts of time (and money) spent to find good value. It is time for a revolution. It is time for a change. And so – I, Wicked Daddy, will make it happen. (I heard triumphant music in my own head as I wrote that last sentence btw)

It was a call with my friend 9 months ago that started this. It was him outlining his sources and showing me how most of the adult toys one finds is manufactured in, well – not here in the US. This also led to the stupid insane pricing for most of this crap product as well of the flooding of the toy market. I added this knowledge to my OCD list of hobbies and started delving in. He was totally right. I myself have wasted thousands of $$$ over the years on cheap – crappy products – that looked good – but functionally were – not worth my time. I had gotten to the point of almost exclusively buying the same product over and over again, buying hand-made goods, or – finding DIY alternatives myself and then blogging to the communities.

I evaluated my own personal collection a few times these last 4 months – I have a core 50 toys that I use again and again – as they are those that have lasted. I also find myself the last half decade of being in the habit of when I do find the good product – ordering in multiples of 12 (as hey, let’s face it – some items are a 1 person owner once used). From bit gags to my favorite glass dildos of training – this has been a regular practice of this Dom.

So here is what has transpired – I have been slowly ordering samples of new product for testing and doing the ever so slow painstaking research to find the sources of MY 50 core. Recently – after almost giving up on one personal favorite training collar – I found the original manufacturer that used to make it and had a few chats with them. They still have the manufacturing process and have agreed to spin up another production run just for me (and well – yes – also for money).

I am ordering in limited bulk quantities – but will be sharing it with the world in the next month with a soft launch. My goal is to put quality product into our community without the ridiculous markups we all typically see. How will this go? no clue – only time will tell. I have a few groups I am either a member of or coordinate myself where most of the product will likely sell – but in some quantities I am uncertain if I will be sitting on some stuff for awhile or not – so I want to include more into this little private buying circle.

Armed with a whole mess of awesome friends who want to contribute to this endeavor, I couldn’t refuse to give this a try. And so – here it is….

I will be writing of my personal training sessions and scenes and playtimes with my subs that outline specific products – and then I will sell them. That’s it – plain and simple. Then get feedback from the users on the products themselves and – if enough demand – re-order. It won’t be a flawless system at first – but it should bring some good into this world. Long term – I hope to use the proceeds to fund a network that increases education of our dynamics – safety – best practices – and wickedly – incubation of new and better product (Oh I have more than a few ideas myself).

MY ask – IF you buy toys with any regularity – give this new model a chance. I will be launching with about 10 of my favorite toys – along with two new ones I have discovered. Each with plenty of write ups on how I have used them before – and what you need to know to get the most out of it for yourself.

Until the site fully launches, add yourself to the mailing list by going to the site –

From that I will update you regularly on the progress through that mailing list.