The all powerful Mantra – Bonding Dom and Sub like few other techniques can

A key goal of servitude is to add to the bond between you as the dom with your sub. But let’s face it – you as Dom are unlikely to be in your subs world 24/7. In many relationships – there can be days if not longer left between times together. So what is a dom to do?

There are some key daily reminders that can be reinforced. Writing to the Dom daily, Wearing of a plug through the day, rituals for activities, instructions for food and clothing, oiling activities – but the most powerful of all – is the mantra. The added reinforcement tool that can nurture even more when you, the dom, are NOT present, only through the actions of your sub reciting the mantra itself.

The mantra goes like this – a statement of the sub receiving – followed by a statement of the sub giving. The enactment is based upon the principle of “If you say something enough times – it becomes fact” – and in this case – the quantity will be as much as the subs desire and needs to serve – so it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. I tell my subs as such before usage of this technique – and I even tell them it will train their minds to serve their dom, myself, that much more. I may even use the term of self-induced brainwashing. As this is very much what it will do over time.

A few example statements of the sub receiving:

“My Master Fulfills Me”, “My Sir Owns Me”, “My Daddy Loves Me” (or other variations). These reinforce the desired impact of what the sub craves most in the relationship – acknowledgement of appreciation and value – even if in this case it is self-soothing and self-given – it matters not as the Dom instructed the use of this mantra in the first place – so it IS real.

The second part – statement of giving

“I give my all to Master”, “I serve to please my sir”, “I serve my Daddy” (or other variations). This reinforces the subs desire and focus to servitude.

Combined, a completed mantra may be “My Master Fulfills me, I give my all to Master”.

When and how to use.

For the dom – start by including this in daily instruction. “When performing your daily morning oiling ritual – recite your mantra 30 times. “My Master Fulfills me, I give all to Master”. That is when you know your oiling is complete.” Add it to each prescribed ritual – especially masturbation or sexual teasing.

Next – introduce it into extended activities. “While driving to work and alone – recite your Mantra aloud. Try and take mental note of how many times you were able to recite it between home and work. Focus on being heard and on being impactful in your saying it. Say it as if to convince the world of it’s meaning”

Finally – add it into activities together. While performing orgasm denial or forced orgasms – use the reciting of the mantra to set a prescribed pace. When your sub is receiving punishment or even maintenance spankings – add it in to be a pace setter.

(Oh – and punishment – Have your sub write their mantra out 1000 times for severe infractions. And points off for poor handwriting……)

Here is the science – 10,000 times. Someone saying something aloud 10,000 times and with conviction – makes it a perceived reality – a TRUTH for that person. If taking this advice casually – that will be achieved in about 3 months. If adhered to and added to daily activities – 30 days.

For all of those out there looking to add just THAT MUCH MORE to the bonding between the dom and sub – I ask you to take on this challenge. Create the mantra that works best for you both – and practice it. Then – when you have calculated it has been achieved 10,000 times – write in comments – and tell us all the results. If you have results before 10k – add those too.

I swear this is an intimacy builder tip like few other – it WILL bond you both in ways unexpected. Tell me your results…..