The art of hair-pulling – by request

I had a write in request from a couple where she really loves hair-pulling, however he would like some pointers as it often is painful in a bad way and distracting from the adventures. .

The forceful act of grabbing your sub by their hair is to command instant forced action to occur. In martial arts – one is taught that “wherever the head goes, the body must follow”.  It should be a fast – impactful moment – not one of fumbling to ensure hair isn’t actually being removed from the scalp.

Wicked Daddy’s Tips on the three basics:

Commanding Grab

This is the staple and will instantly take your subs attention and allow them to know they are fully in your control.

  1. All commanding your sub via hair pulling takes place with a closed fist-full of hair.
  2. The motion is a sweep of the fingers into the hair and then the clinching of the fist.
  3. The goal is to make the fist right at the center of the skull at the very top of the head. If this is not specific enough – put on a baseball cap and feel the button at the very top. of the cap. That is where the grab should be centered.

Practice one – comb your open fingers into your hair from your forehead to the center of the top of your hair and then clinch your fist – Tightly.

Practice two – do the same but from the back of your head.

Practice three – when trying from the side, there is much risk in pulling hair from roots unless exactly centered – so a side grab is always a misleading term, as you approach from the side but then turn your hand in the direction comfortable and you are doing a front or back grab while simply standing at your subs side. This will eliminate the risk of actually pulling out hair.

When you have your sub in a Commanding Grab – their center of balance is now in your complete control. Know it is easy to topple a sub off-balance – so all direction should be in a direction possible for the sub to move (Being forward or slightly back) – and the movement is always where the nose is pointing. Directing forward is easiest – whether to crawl on all fours or the be directed to next spot you wish them. When attempting to turn them – give a slightly larger turning radius and turn their head to point their nose in the turning direction and then bank them into that direction (Think like how a plane turns).  All other movements will put them off-balance (which can be intended) – but if not, get practiced in “steering the ship”. Know also – with a full fist of hair – you can actually lift a sub off the ground (if strong enough). I have some, albeit limited, experience in suspension of a sub by almost hair alone. Its a remarkable sight – but rare to find circumstances and accommodations for this to have occurred in my life with much frequency. (If you wish further research – look up Shibari Hair Suspension).

The impact of this grab, especially when performed correctly – is a beautiful thing. I suggest when you first perform this – tilt the subs head back to face you and command they look at you. There are very few sights as gorgeous as a sub looking up while being grabbed in such a manner and you seeing in their eyes the full extent of servitude from this.

Taking the Reins (The PonyTail grab)

The ideal braid is the Fishtail Braid, as this already has distributed the hair evenly. If in this braid – it is simple a rope that can be pulled on to your hearts content. If hair is loose (Not something that occurs with MY subs as their hair is always up or neatly braided) – the method is to comb fingers into the hair at the crown of the skull in a motion that is like opening a large jar (or a large combination safe). That swirling motion of the hair makes it into a rope of sorts, then slowly let it flow through your fingers – switching hands as the twisting occurs, until you are 3/4 towards the end of whatever the length of the hair. (Going to the last 1/4th gets back to risk of pulling hair out).

Another use for this practice is being able to bind the hair with some form of rope or string to tie to an anal hook. This is a good training technique to teach a sub form of rear raised, back arched down, and head raised for Master.  The fishtail braid supports this beautifully as a figure eight knot or running knot will more than suffice tied to the braid to hold fast and steady.

The Double Grab

For me I always picture Keith Flint from the Prodigy and think he must be totally down for this – as his hair in the early years of the group demonstrates perfectly the placement of the grab.


The grab is two hands – on each side of head, to be grabbed at the rounding of the skull. If too low – hair can be pulled out, if too high – similar.

A few last fun notes:

Hair grabbed training is a WONDERFUL supplement to early leash led training.  Where is if often a learning curve for a sub to be leash lead in knowing exactly the expectations of their head posture while being led – taking them by leash AND hair during early sessions will very quickly make the expectations be known.

Hair Grabbing with my own methods of the significance of Dominant Hand and Non-Dominant hand really lets my subs know that when their hair is gabbed by Master’s non-dominant hand, that his Dominant hand is still free to inflict his will.

I find this a difficult topic without video or image aids – I will look to add some soon. In the interim – questions and feedback welcome.