Caning – the Hows and Whys – and some Wicked tips and tricks

I must say gentle readers, and to much delight for Wicked Daddy, I have been having a blast sourcing, testing, and having product made. This recently has accelerated my wanting to write on this subject, the subject of “Caning”.

It is part of my training regimen for subs, slaves, and sexual littles alike to teach and leverage the amazing practices of both forced orgasms as well as orgasm denial. As I shall describe – caning techniques are a big part of this training. I personally enjoy this discipline as it allows me to fully deliver much joy to those in my charge as well as equate the yin and yang of forced vs. denial as a part of sexual conditioning….. Being a sub’s control of their own body in servitude to their master.

Caning is also the technique for reinforcement, as I shall also write about.

So what is caning? It is the smart sting of a thin instrument across sensitive areas. When talking about impact caning – it is the delivery of flesh rendering marking from same instrument.

The instruments themselves? Rattan or thin bamboo sticks (although I have come to like the rattan 3 sticks affixed to a handle given the CRACK it makes). Impact canes – silicone switches affixed to handles is a big favorite (as well as one I had manufactured for the upcoming store release).  Caning is not so much flogging, as it is the creation of a smart hard sensation. Impact caning is that times much much more. Impact caning intends to leave marks – or even rip flesh.

So why? Well numerous reasons. The same feelings of receiving spankings or flogging are very much here – as well as the reason of using a natural rope for shibari or kinbaku. You get the sensation – or MORE of the sensation – as well as physical evidence (in the case of impact play). Feeling the raised surface of a strike that was delivered unto your flesh serves as an honor to the gift that was rendered unto you. For the lessor aspects of caning – you get – distraction. You get added endurance. You get prolonging of pleasure denied to happen instantly. This is where we shall focus now.

For those uninitiated in caning – take a rubber band and put it around your wrist. Snap it sharply. Feel that sting? now stretch the rubber band as far as it can go before breaking and do it again. Ahhh – we are getting it. Now imagine that sting delivered anywhere on your body. Feeling braver? Good – put the rubberband around your foot so you can pull it and snap at the soles. Very nice. Now take a second and think of all of the most sensitive parts of your body from the neck down. Imagine that same sting delivered not once but in repetition.  We are getting there.

Here is how it is deployed.

Pleasure (or put more bluntly – reaching orgasm) can be delayed with the counterbalance of pain. Achieving orgasm by going THROUGH and beyond the pain just heightens the orgasm. Over time with this kind of training – orgasms are brought on and anticipated by the delivery of pain itself. It is a self fulfilling prophesy and an ever escalating endeavor.

A recollection:

This particular sub was a bit of a masochist. She was already a cutter in her youth and already associated pain with feeling beyond what life was trying to crush her with. She was petite but also carried a “Be nice or I’ll cut your shit off” attitude with her at all times. She liked to resist and liked her doms to “try” and keep up with that. She was referred to me and clearly stated she wanting the intensity of pain and being forced. I think her exact phrasing to me was “whatever you think it is I am feeling, turn it up 10 times more”.

Our first session was a surprise to her. I did not give her anything that she expected at all. There were no toys of flogging, spanking, or whipping used (even though they were displayed where she could see and anticipate). There was no single strikes of intense punishment given through the session, and, as well as more importantly (and for her needs) – this dom did not deliver a single barked command or degradation. No – for Wicked thought this sub needed conditioning – and a door to be opened to go beyond even her preconceived notions of the relationship of pain and pleasure.

I did the entire session – roughly 4 hours – in silence. I took painstaking efforts to maintain a slow pace while strapping her down and binding her contorted on all fours with her legs spread and thighs bound to her calves, hands tied neatly at her waist (a positioning of the hands that still simulated freedom, but when done correctly creates frustration of being glued to spot). I used a ratcheting strap and as I affixed more constraints would every minute or so ratchet her ever deeper into the ground with just one…. more….. crank. I used a bit harness and an anal hook with a length of hard twine interwoven in her long auburn hair forcing her to face ever upwards. The cranks continued until I had the perfect statue in front of me – impossible to move anything other than her eyes. This took a good 35 minutes of her session….And then I began to work on her.

I took the most methodical and never changing pace of manual manipulation of her clitoris and vagina. It was almost machine like and special care was made to ensure it felt non-organic. More of a robot just flicking, plunging, and rotating to a never stopping rhythm than any other better descriptors I could use to describe it. It was definitively frustrating for her over the first 20 minutes. Expectations denied, Inability to move, nothing sharp or stinging, just having to endure this – well “whatever” she must have been feeling it was at the time. When the simple mechanics of the body started to take over – and the stimuli was starting to build to logical conclusion, It certainly wasn’t “all-fulfilling” at this point -just biological. You stroke enough for a long enough time – and a reaction will occur. I imagine this must of crossed her mind (as well as anticipation of “Hey lets get this over with”). A few minutes more and I could see through her contorting of her abdominal muscles that she was trying to force the orgasm to happen (something this particular bondage of her was done in a way to help prevent). I felt she was about 2-3 minutes out and that is when I changed it up for her special needs.

It was a silicone impact cane (a personal favorite) that was used. The first stings were delivered to the top of her left hand (Tap-tap-tap-tap-tap). I got the surprised squeak from her that I imagined would happen. Perhaps more surprise than anything else. 10 seconds later – same spot – Tap-tap-tap-tap-tap. I hear the “UNHHH” – more of a “WTF?” than any other thought, then again – Tap-tap-tap-tap-tap. By the fifth delivery I knew the orgasm was not impending. So the mechanical manipulation continued. Another 8 minutes and she was self lubricating very well and the walls of her vagina were starting to quiver a bit. She wasn’t trying to force an orgasm at this point – but it was becoming impending. Her right hand now – Tap-tap-tap-tap-tap. Her “Unhh” response was more of an “Okay – I think I see now”, and the pattern continued – again – another set of 5 taps, five sets of, with 10 seconds in between. Same result – body was removed from impending orgasm. I continued with the mechanical manipulations to bring her close again – ever growing acceptance and appreciation – the next deliveries of sets were tapping of the cane to outer thighs, then next set to calves, then inner thighs, then soles of feet (a very sensitive area). We were another 70+ minutes in at this point. The “Unhs” were getting replaced with “HMMMMmmms”.  The pattern was replaced with single strikes – hitting randomly each of the strike zones touched before. Harder stings – and now as random-feeling as I could make them. Another 15 minutes in and she was building to that point where I knew my strikes would not hold back her release. Harder strikes were employed and I had to gamble where her tipping point was. My final attempt at denying her release was a continuous striking of the soles of her left foot until I got the squeal that told me “too much” which caused me to switch to the other foot until I got the same. I alternated sole stinging at a frenzied pace until I felt that non-stoppable swelling inside her. Final manipulations were given and as she was starting to begin the long deep orgasm, I pulled back and used the impact cane to gently (which in this case would still be intense stinging) start tapping her clitoris (the mid of the cane, never the tip for this spot) at a rapid ratatatat pace while she worked through the orgasm. Oh it was a beautifully long and drawn out orgasm and such wondrous sounds she made like a singer trying to hold a note as long as she could.

Following her first release I did not stop. I switched to a massager wand of particularly powerful output and engaged in delivering a forced orgasm whilst continuing random strikes, taps, and ratatats. Her second orgasm(s) came quickly – only about 15 minutes in despite my best effort at pain distraction.

The added pause after this – and ensuring her hydration. I removed the hair tie and anal hook and loosened the harnesses an inch to allow for added circulation and some movement. I delivered continual tapping all across her body – lightly but enough to gently sting. My manipulation from my other hand was both vaginal and anal. It helped draw it out another 20 minutes as her head could now flail in enjoyment and hands and arms could now wrestle against their bonds. It was a beautiful release and a final slumping of her body signifying giving in to her tormentor. After unbound she slept a well earned and good few hours.

(Callout – Thank you KH for your permission in allowing me to write of our experience. This Ex-Master of yours is ever so proud of the wonderful life you have built beyond our time together. All love and best wishes to you and yours……)

The aspect of caning IS that balance of pain and pleasure – and I feel is most wickedly employed in unison.

Introduction to caning for reinforcement.  The cane can also be an extension of reinforcement. This can range from posture (Tap tap tap) of shoulders, form (Tap tap tap of thighs to force effort in leg spreading) or direct reinforcement of expectation with pain reminders – tap tap tap of feet or hands (ex. “You forgot to ask permission” – Tap Tap Tap). Where this can be done without an instrument other than Master’s hands and slaps/spanks – there is something added when a master wields a cane.

Thank you for letting me share (Look for the Impact Canes I had manufactured or the rattan canes I sourced in the upcoming opening of please!. If this post alone is driving your desire to obtain either cane – use the Contact section to ping me for a discount code – just mention this post!)