The Wicked Glass Rods of Training

Oh, the simple beauty of these instruments of torture….from the slender rod of initiation to the bulging rod of doing anything to satisfy the commands of Sir.  These completely satisfied the regime of training – of the sub being ever ready to accept the demands of the penetration of Sir.

It was week 5 into her training by Sir. She had quickly surpassed any questioning of the methods of Sir and openly dedicated herself to solely his demands, focusing on the specificity of the request and feeling eager to demonstrate her effort. It was 3 weeks earlier in week two when his first request of her pertaining to the training rods had occurred. She was granted permission to sit on Sir’s couch (well indirectly granted when sir pulled her onto it by her hair). Sir did not say anything at first, but simply positioned her in the middle of the couch, seated slumped in the center. Sir bent her knees and spread her wide. He paused and moved to sit in his chair across the room – showing clearly that it was the view he determined to be perfect of what he desired of her. He returned to her and, with a few inches of adjustment to her positioning, Sir paused again and left the room. Instants later, Sir returned with a beautiful instrument – a slender glass rod in one hand – and a handful of un-melted coconut oil in the other. Sir proceeded to vigorously lather her vagina with the oil. Not gently – but with intent. He was lubing her through the rubbing and the piercing of her with his fingers – taking care to ensure slipperiness at every angle. Still nothing vocalized from Sir’s mouth. When he showed he was satisfied with the wetness he created, he grabbed firmly her right wrist – a sign she now recognized as her dominant hand, being the extension of Sir’s will. This practice was ever so much reinforced the previous weeks where she was commanded to go through her normal days using her non-dominant hand only – with only using dominant when a direct delivery of Sir’s commands (which almost always was a command for manipulation of her most tender areas for display to sir). He placed the slender rod into her hands and grasped his hand over her hand firmly to demonstrate she was to hold it tightly. Sir maneuvered her hand so the tip of the rod was pressed against her vaginal cavity and he moved her hand to pierce the rod inside of her to a healthy depth – then  slowly withdrew it. He looked sharply into her eyes and her gaze caught that. She saw he was giving her strictness in his look. She quivered slightly but knew his will and resolve in this command. He continued the insertion 6 times more – a slow deliberate pace, gaze  hardened and fixated on hers so she understood him. He then released his hand over hers and she continued the motion as she knew was expected. Slow – deep insertions, slow full removal – and repeated continuously. He finally spoke – “1 hour – you do not cum without permission. This will keep you ready for when I am ready for your service.”. It was not phrased as a question – she knew it was a command from her dominant love, and she provided the expected “Yes Sir” with the added “I will not fail Sir”. Sir moved to his seat of watching – erect within his pants, to enjoy her performance for him.

Despite the painful slowness of the pace Sir had demonstrated, it was definitively difficult for her to not get excited quickly as her Sir sat gazing at her…on display for him, exercising his owned pussy to his desired abuse, her enacting the complete will of her beloved Sir. She barely completed that first hour on that first day of this specific exercise – and was rewarded also that day by a very rewarding as well as very complete savaging of her by Sir afterwards.

Now back into week five – 21 days now into the daily hour of positioning in the center of Sir’s couch for her demonstration to him of control and creating readiness for his desires through the use of the training rods. She had already graduated to the second, larger rod – and today she was earning another graduation…… Rod three. This was the rod that was approaching Sir’s girth and length. The one that showed more of her continued service to the love he was bestowing upon her. As before – Sir brought out the rods she had earned thus far and placed them within view. She enjoyed seeing how she progressed. Sir retrieved the third rod and presented it to her. “Thank you, Sir. I will show you I am yours Sir,” was her reply, before taking her position. Oh, how she enjoyed seeing her Sir in his chair across the room appreciating her effort for him.

Something different occurred this time. She was used to Sir setting a timer for her hour of practice, but this timer went off way too early. She felt (correctly) it was only halfway through.  Sir had gotten out of his chair and moved to her.  Sir grabbed tightly the knotted hair with his dominant hand. She stared up into his eyes. That little smirk of his again. Sir started nudging her up and turning her around. he moved her to the floor and bent her over the center of the couch. A few nudges for adjustment had her head turned left, rear raised. Sir stepped away from her for a quick moment. Upon his return, the first slender rod was placed in her left hand where her head was turned. Then she felt his right hand start buttering her bottom with oils.  She now knew what her daily training would now include, and she was excited to show her beloved Sir that she was ready and… to perform for him.