It’s finally time to….. SUBMIT.

Wicked Daddy wants to give you a free Sex Toy……….

Okay faithful readers. I am happy to say we are just a week and half away from shipping product (albeit a few weeks from the official site launch). Regardless – here is a shameless plug. Go now to and sign up for the newsletter. SUBMIT. Why? Well because Wicked Daddy has free product for the first people who sign up. (Oh – and I am not advertising this right now anywhere other than here at my blog). I want to give you the chance to sign up first. You see – I have a few hundred products coming in that I am going to give away for free (Free is good, right?). In fact – I will be deleting this post as soon as the # is filled. What is the free product? Oh it is something Oh so Wickedly nice – promise :). It’s on Wicked Daddy’s top 50 Must Haves. The unfortunate part is I will be asking for basic handling and shipping cost <only> (Mainly to keep people from trying to get multiples more so than anything else, plus shipping it turns out is pretty expensive and, for whatever reason, the crew still likes to be paid for their hours).  I personally am still working with the shippers to figure out the average cost to be used.  Big downer – I am only shipping to US for these (So sorry). You see there are laws governing export that I don’t yet fully know how to do. (I promise I am working to learn though). So…if in the US and want some free Wickedness – submit, wait for the mail (about a week from now), then enjoy your free toy.

Question for all – should I create a separate blog for product and store stuff or are you okay seeing them added here amongst the usual stuff? Please – if anyone feels it taints this blog – let me know in comments or mail. Thanks!

Update (from a mail question): The picture is by our own photographer and the model is our very own SwitchVixen. One of our lovelies from our modelling team.


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  1. nijntje says:

    I think it’s wonderful that you are just about ready!!! It sounds like an adventure right up your wicked alley! 😉 LOL

    Adding the ‘shopping’ to this site might come across as pushing your wears, or it might simply bring gawkers who wouldn’t otherwise be here. Perhaps a secondary site for sales would be a better option but a ‘signature’ with your site link could be added here as a regular at the bottom of your posts. Anyone interested in shopping would be but a click away ….. and too bad about the ‘just US’ thing!! LOL

    Best of Luck WD!

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    1. wickeddaddy says:

      I wasn’t ever thinking about adding shopping carts or anything here, That is all done at . I was wondering more about talking about products – good, bad, new stuff, much Like I have so far. I definitely want to do a post about my top 50 Favorites of all time. I am happy I have been able to source almost 20 of the 50 so far (even if 3 had to be custom made). I can add such product reviews here or another blog. Thoughts?

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      1. nijntje says:

        Oh I think reviews here would be wonderful! I really do appreciate the way your blog gives information and ideas without the ‘porn’ type stories that I seem to see else where.

        To each their own and if that’s what ‘you’ (the people searching) want then go for it, but when I want a no nonsense account and idea of what and how to use something I come to your blog. I hope that can continue! 😀

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      2. wickeddaddy says:

        Thank you! I will try my best

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