Making something new again…..

Wicked Daddy admits that he is proud of this particular effort that I am about to share. In the featured picture for this post is something I bet most all of you have seen and likely most of you own. The little shiny anal plugs with the big looking jewel, sizes in small, medium, and large.

Here’s the part that spurred Wicked Daddy to action – I often give these as gifts to my subs. This falls into my category of daily training for those in my charge. I can say that, unfortunately, over the years this product has been in the market – something had changed, and not for the better. They are no longer made with the original quality.

Let me explain further. This is a product on Wicked Daddy’s Top 50 to have in your toy box, and I took a journey to try and make something common to be better (or at least as it was before). It took me over 4 1/2 months before I was able to locate the primary manufacturer of these. It took some relationship building before I could ask my burning question of – “Why the hell are these so light”? (as I remember back in the day and as I still have – much heavier). The explanation – well simple. They changed manufacturing to remove the core. All of these in the market now are hollow. They can produce it cheaper and shipping is less. So I asked them, can you make them WITH the core? “No no” they explained – these (lighter ones) are “quality”, they sell very well, and with core they would weigh too much and cost way too much to ship. (This is a continual reminder to Wicked Daddy that most manufacturing of sex toys in the world is not being done by those who actually USE the product). It took almost two weeks of arguments (yes arguments) with them to even give me a cost for a FULL core plug. They must have thought I was mad in the head as well as just being mad with them. I think my last argument was “It’s MY money, its MY customers, just tell me IF you can do it and how much?” (I laugh at the number of times they have tried to “educate” me about what people want and how to run my business). In the end, Wicked Daddy got what he wanted.

So here it is – a full set, now Wicked Daddy’s full set – and guess what – they weigh about 3 times heavier than what you will typically find elsewhere (OH I am enjoying this). When they arrived, the medium size boxes they were in could only be put on the delivery guys dolly in maximum of two boxes at a time. I gave the guy a water and got a dolly and helped with the trips from his truck to our intake area. Guy asks me “So what do you have in these? Bricks?”. I smiled and replied “I hope not” (especially given the investment).

Here is the NEW reality. My smallest plug weighs 140 grams, where the common Largest plug out there weights 160. My large plug? Just a tiny fraction shy of  1 whole pound. (I am resisting the urge to cackle with villainous intent right now). The only thing the manufacturer couldn’t do is give me just those few more grams to be able to say 1 full pound (Dammit), but still – I am happy. But will the world be?

The first few weeks after getting these in we gave away a fair number of sets to “testers” – folks definitively familiar with the usual product. Let’s just say that it took very little time for the feedback. My favorite quote from a submissive “I don’t forget anymore that I am wearing this for my master. He is now more present in my day and I am more mindful of his will”.  Music to my ears.

So now the next part – and another thing that got Wicked Daddy’s ire up and an intentional plan for this product.

Checking the top sites and a few Google searches gave me these results. (Btw, if you ever pay $50 for just one of the hollow small plugs then you must truly enjoy taking it in the rear – sheesh).


The best prices of course were found on Amazon. Again – the hollow stuff, but only about $20. Look closely at the shipping time though. If you are willing to wait 5-6 weeks (Yes weeks) – then more power to you – plan ahead I say lol.

So how much from Wicked Daddy? At launch – $24, full set of three of the good stuff. This is an offer to “Take the Heavyweight Challenge“.

My ask – if you buy – PLEASE come back to the site and give product feedback to tell Wicked Daddy if this was your first set or, if you already had the hollow ones before, what do you think (and feel) about the difference?

Reading that will be my bliss and will tell me if I am doing what I set out to do.

Credit of modelling goes to our SwitchVixen and the Take the Heavyweight Challenge campaign is credited to our ProductPrincess.