Oh I feel sooooo……Wicked

It’s been too long since writing. It has been like denying sexual release for weeks. Excruciating.  Wicked Daddy has been SO busy. Too Busy. But now……sitting in my living room with 1.22 tons! of Sex Toys in front of me. Wicked thoughts abound. I think – Holy Hell that would be one helluva party…..Even if I would need over 133,000 holes to use everything before me. Hmmmm- the logistics.

It makes the self denial of personal pleasures worthwhile (Well – almost). I think of all the joy I will bring to the world. All the people who will eventually receive the pleasures that Wicked Daddy enabled. Wicked Joy. Wicked Smile. I feel like the picture for this post – truly. Much pride – much Wicked… Fucking… Pride.

Today – Four hours and 30 minutes of meetings and people conferenced in. Topics of which charities that promote positive sex that we can give % of proceeds to as well as topics of improving product photography or new product sourcing. And still….here it is. 1.22 fucking tons of sex toys before me. Oh the decadence I will unleash upon the world. That is the thrill, that is the pride I feel. A lifetime dream on the verge of realization. A few arguments of giveaways and how that impacts “profitability”. Fuck that. It’s my damn money – it’s MY dream. I only wish I could hand it to each person myself. Look deeply in their eyes and know their intent for what I am giving. This makes this Wicked Daddy quite….engorged……. to think about. Pride again. More Wicked Smiles. My cheek muscles are feeling it.

My autistic brain tries to calculate the number of orgasms these products will produce if just 5% were out there and just a single orgasm per. I am fascinated that this would far exceed the number of orgasms I have personally created for others in my lifetime thus far. More pride. More………..engorgement. Wicked Smile now reaching my ears.

I am feeling well at home today, very happy, very very pleased with my own Wickedness. Right now I don’t wish to be humble, or gracious. I wish to be as the evil wizard that unleashes a wave of naughtiness on the world. I can’t remember a time where I have felt such unique JOY. Heaven help the next sub I have time for…..More wicked thoughts and smiling. Lucky Girl, whoever she will be. Still – this work will consume me completely for a few weeks more. (Poor Wicked Daddy – left unfulfilled in this important aspect of what he needs).

I hope everyone out there is getting their thrills right now, is getting fulfilled, is happy in their loving dynamics and relationships. Hold true – I hope to help enhance that very very soon.