Contemplation – and a F*ck Ton of logistics….

So here I am – 11:43 in the evening. I just closed 4 more product deals, and still the site isn’t ready. I have been given advisement from mentors and my crew of confidants – perfection will be the death of me.  We will close on the work for the site over the next four days – and then – decide on the OFFICIAL launch date.

I have 7 people here with me now – ideation flowing like mad, work being grinded out. I set my mind to blog – way too long since last post. I move to another room.

My initial desires to just add value to our communities have graduated over the last few weeks to doing it so right, nailing it so perfectly, that I can unleash upon the world of positive sexual culture and product in such a way akin to the greatest expulsion of my seed topping any personal orgasm I have ever thought humanly possible.  I am flush with the possibilities.

The new 4’x8′ whiteboard arrived about 7 hours ago – already it has been filled and erased 3 times. We on-boarded 5 new people today – and still my calculations are that we still need 3-8 more. A casual mention during discussions that we have ordered the additional 5 laptops catches my ear. Holy fuck this is going to be big.  From the lowly dream of just getting the right *few* products to the masses in a manner that serves the community to now – this. This BEAST. A few test market campaign results on assumptions of mine have all garnered results that even I thought were not reachable. I am soooooo Wickedly excited.

Wicked Daddy has been pushing 90-100 hrs of work a week on this. I have had no down time, and certainly no Wicked FUN time. But honestly – I think, at the launch of this – it would have been totally worth it. I am personally amazed at the faith of those supporting me right now (well maybe more the vision than me, mostly?).

My only release for my Wicked desires has come from really the new people coming to support this endeavor. All are part of the communities in some way or another, but all still have questions of me – of what they learn of me and my background. The sharing of experiences and stories is my only reflection again on the hows and whys I am doing this. I do so love teaching – and seeing Wicked smiles emerge on peoples faces as I share (As well as blushes – that never gets old).

Of blogging – I now have 29 unfinished drafts hovering before me. These range from 5% to 75% complete. I am personally underwhelmed in myself for not being able to complete given the tugs on me that are less – creative. I hope to *eventually* do better. Right now – it is all about that final mile to get this launched. It all about the logistics.

Coming soon – I see that one my site (frustratingly so – I want it to be “Cumming Now!”). Patience Wicked Daddy, Patience.

Model Credits: Of course – our own resident hottie SwitchVixen