Newsletter about to go out – and you might have noticed a few Updates to the Blog

Permit me a moment to talk about Wicked Daddy’s secret weapon. She goes by PantherDoll and she is our wonderful Creative Director and, soon, to be a partner here at Wicked Daddy Productions. She is the Yin to Wicked Daddy’s Yang of autistic quantifying and qualifying, and the eye (and talent) for all of the recent changes to style, photography, and content.

Pictured above is our first newsletter (Also thanks to PD) – set to go out tomorrow night (If you haven’t signed up – you have only a day left to get Vol 1).

We have a Launch Date – and it is soon. Look for a post tomorrow for the details. YES! OMFG YES! Finally…… I am full of energy and feel my Mojo is in full swing.

You probably noticed a few changes to the blog (also Thanks to PD). Scroll back through – if for nothing else than to appreciate the wonderful updated photos.

The crews are buzzing like bees and the mails, phone calls, and texts are going off every few minutes. 3.2 TONS! of Product about to be unleashed unto the world, all hand-picked, tested for quality and pleasure, and ready to make Wicked memories for everyone. Ohh and I hope to amaze and create some OOhs and Ahhs for launch deals and promotions. I can hardly contain myself today. It is all finally coming together.

I am super happy that we made no compromises other than to time-table. I am ecstatic at the amazing people with me for this adventure. I am super excited about our mission, goals, and dreams and have every confidence we are primed to make them a reality.