Wicked Daddy Had a Show and Fetish was the Game-O.

Okay – you want to know about the show? Pictures first – words later and in another post

The first photo sampling comes from our friend Karina Lyn – find her at


and see more of her photos from the event at her Instagram @karina_lyn_photography or her Facebook – KarinaLynPhoto

Next Photog was Liz Zusev, you can see more of the shoots at 


or on her Instagram @lizzesev

Third photog is Mike Baltierra


You can see more of the photos from the show at his Instagram @MikeBaltierraphoto, his FB MikeBaltierraPhoto, or his Twitter @BaltierraPhoto

The following were from the photog Stephen Jensen

The final set came from Travis Corsentino

Instagram @Lost_Ape7 and Facebook : LostAePhotography

Soo friends – jealous you weren’t there?