Bringing Wicked to the Masses……

Hello fellow Kinksters,

OH my goodnesss – how busy it has been, is, and will be. I SO miss writing but there have been so so so many opportunities that it is hard to find the time.

Wicked Daddy has EXPLODED onto the Seattle scene post the Fetish Fashion show (Where btw you can peruse a few hundred photos by visiting my new Production Company site at We have picked up a few more venues and starting with yesterday, have a Weekly event tied with Pain and Pleasure at a iconic spot called The Baltic Room here in Seattle.  We have adopted the mission of revitalizing what used to be an insanely vibrant Sex Positive culture in Seattle through events, shows, and education parties. It has been very time consuming (but very fulfilling at the same time).

Next month starts a documentary series that focuses on my stores (more to come on that in the next few weeks). We will have a studio set up in about 60 days (or less) and will start VBlogging and Podcasting. Wicked Daddy is in the process of moving our location to larger digs – expanding the warehouse, adding in the recording studio, and adding to the photography space.

Amongst this we will have a SLEW of new products arriving in a few weeks. It has taken way way longer than expected to vet these and to get them “Just Right”. It has cost time, money, and much frustration but it is finally coming together.

Of the short order:

  1. Photos of the Sex Furniture with models (so we can get it up on the site). Last night we took our lovely St.Andrew’s cross and employed it in flogging demos at the event. It was certainly a talking piece for many (and I am terribly excited about it).
  2. Clothing – YES, clothing. We will be affiliating with a few local designers as well as offering some costume wear as well as lingerie. This also ties in with a Club Wear store being opened as well.
  3. LEDs – SO PRETTY! They arrive this week – will be tying in with the events and the club wear. Not sure on timing just yet.

In the Seattle area we are prepping our first “Intro to Kink/Fetish” education/demonstration events. There are WAY too many people interested in this to not do, just lining up the crews and getting this to take off.

MORE? There are another 14 “projects” but all are super secret right now, but will give first glance to them here in the blog (pinky promise)

Back to work – hope to write soon –> even if not titillating – just to make certain I actually write – but I do have a few *naughty* topics I am getting my energy back on to write about ;).