Sex-Positive Education Series kicks off – YES!

Hello Everybody! It’s taken awhile but we FINALLY have our first Sexploration in Kink event scheduled and booked with speakers. I have been wanting to do these again for a really really long time now. These are always such wonderful experiences for all involved and make a huge impact for sex-positivity. I am actually giddy!

Picture this – a Private event at a really nice venue (In this case the Vermillion, a place with an Art Gallery in front and a nostalgic bar in the back <Great Vibe>).  Intimate in just less than 2 dozen can attend, all vetted participants, and then…..the show.

Too many surprises planned to give it all away, but the gist is people who represent extensive experience in a range of dynamics, kinks, and fetishes – talking about and (more importantly) demonstrating.  We have some local long-standing icons in our communities sharing as well and the last part of the evening is a raw open Q&A where anything can (and usually is) asked and answered by the panel from their own experiences and perspectives.

If you happen to be in Seattle and are interested – you can get tickets and an application here :