It’s a beautiful day in the (Sex-Positive) neighborhood…. Today’s Challenge Accepted

Other posts to come about Wicked Daddy’s adventures that have kept him from posting so long. This post here and now, is about Positivity (Both in outlook as well as in efforts in Sex-Positive activities).

Today is an experiment I have set up between myself and a sibling – set forth from a long conversation yesterday of the shared experience of our shared parent, our shared and separated childhoods together, and of the parents we did not share. Technically a “Half” Sibling (one shared parent) but in reality truly my sibling in my heart and life.

The experiment (explained in a moment) came after a discussion on the differences in self understanding between Sartre and Kant (Geeky philosophy stuff I won’t bug you with) with keys being the question of “are we who we are in the universe as how the universe makes us or do we make the universe we are in (influentially or self-perception based or otherwise)”.  In the end, the experiment is simple. We both planned a day (today) that has some specific appointments in the day for each of us that by normal nature are expected to be challenging, tense, and filled with drama and hurdles to overcome. Each of us is to go through this very day with three changes to our own perception and actions:

  1. Acceptance and Take no direct action – assume that the universe can take care of itself without exerting energy and without creating internal angst. Say to ourselves – Let’s go in – listen, acknowledge, think that it can resolve itself, be open and honest and communicate ONLY faith in a successful future, and step back and let it go forward (if even only for 24 hours) without any more effort.
  2. UN-prioritize against current values and spend just this one day re-prioritized to only what is self-fulfilling (not what is expected or <perceived> demanded of us and our time and energy). <Guess why I am blogging today all of a sudden? – Yeah this is self-fulfilling for me.>
  3.  The “If it doesn’t support 1 or 2 – say FUCKIT for just today and don’t do it” AND, while doing so – take a different perspective (minor changes throughout the day – even if as simple as sitting in the spot you normally don’t).

Tomorrow we share with each other our notes on the outcomes of our individual practices of this challenge. I will be posting my results here in a follow up post btw. 

Aside from this – way too much to catch you up on so I will hit some bullets

  1. Lingerie and Play Clothes Line to be posted this week. Doing the last photo cleanups and product descriptions over the next few days. No, not any new designs of our own (although would love to have that one day), but in following the same model we are curating some good quality stuff and offering it (without the silly markups of others) as a test of our ability to offer it. Note: The other toy lines mentioned in previous post are being made right now – 2019 will be big for the launch of those. Aside from that, I think we picked some awfully sexy and cute stuff? (Give feedback in comments please). 

2) Meet and follow our 3 newest models. In order just shown (and found on IG) – @BabyBimboDoll , @TheRecluseRose , @Saint.Autumn . I continue my very odd special power of meeting and collaborating with amazing people.  We’ve added some folks to the regular crew too (Shout outs to Lily, Erika, Alicia, Chaz, Danielle, and Karina). 

3) We average 13 events a month now. (That has been the biggest trade off from blogging of the last few months). From public and private education events (SexPlorations in Kink) to our first WickedWednesday to TutuDanceParties to regular “Pain and Pleasure Sundays”. Our biggest scalability challenge for the Sex-Positive Education and Events Production company ( has been preventing us from doing more (despite demand). We are building crews and 2019 should be quite… 🙂 Special Note – go check out @LilyVonTrapp on IG – she is our virtual CEO for the productions. The big events are as awesome as they are because of her taking point on vision and art. She is amazing and I truly love her to pieces for coming on board as a partner. 

 4) Can we say PodCasts?  By calculation since our last time together (last time I posted) there have been 5 PodCasts that Wicked Daddy has been on. The weird part? All of them have been from overseas and only 2 of them did not require a translation from English. I live such and odd life. A new milestone, we are about to be on the ThePlayPartyPodcast run by our good friends Josh and Haven (You’ve seen some of her pics modelling for us). I think the publication is Jan or Feb but Lily and I will be recording with them sometime this month. Go check it out – it is entertaining and funny… 

5) Community Groups – We made a conscious decision many months ago that we weren’t doing nearly enough to contribute to sex-positive education and especially not focused here in Seattle. From that (along with some testing) we created some sexploration groups across many platforms to see if there were people (as we thought) that had such an appetite (especially in an area known for sex-positive communities and inclusion historically). As of today (In in just a few short months with zero spent on marketing or advertising) – we have just short of 5,000 members across these groups. Expect a considerable investment in nurturing these communities in 2019. This will come with a lot of content (Me=very happy for this). I will share more as we progress.

6) Personal life. The hardest to share. I know I have felt so comfortable in sharing with you all before but honestly the last 6 months have been so personal life tough it has caused far more than writers block. Where I am at right now is that I tried a few new adventures with very careful caveats to those I involved myself in as to what a mess my life was. In the end I will say they were good but my own life (as well as theirs) prevented anything lasting. I am personally resolved to hold off on having any personal life until February. I *May* write more of this soon. We shall see. It *appears* that all my extraneous issues are resolving before the year ends. I have commented that, from a personal strife perspective, that I am happy to *Flush* 2018 in favor of starting over in 2019 having overcome the handicaps that 2018 beset upon me. From that – we shall see. I am hopeful, but cautious……

More soon friends – have missed you terribly. Thank you for all the new follows regardless of not having new content. It has been surprising but not appreciated any less than as “remarkable”.