Happy Valentines Day – and 7 days till the big show!

I had the craziest realization today. In my entire life I have never ever had a romantic Valentine’s day. Ever. I was in a few long term relationships at points in my life but each were met with partners who refused to celebrate Valentines day. The closest I ever got to a romantic Valentine’s day was when I was a 10 year old and with a crush I had on the red head girl in my class (ahh Shannon). I scrounged up money to buy her a teddy bear. I remember I wrapped it in a box and carefully cut out air holes. I did get a hug from her as I walked the 6 blocks to drop it off to her (yes ON Valentine’s day). Two weeks later it turns out her family was moving out of state. Yeah….

So here we are. The snow is *slowly* starting to melt and I may be able to make it off my property soon. Know what is REALLY going to melt all the snow that dumped on us here in Seattle? It’s going to be my Fetish and Kink Fashion show (wow just 7 days away – and still so much to do).

IF you are in Seattle – please don’t miss this one. Lily Von Trapp has been working her amazing ass off to pull together something truly remarkable.

Hit the ticket link soon as tickets are still 25% off for pre-sales.

Want a few more reasons to go? This is barely a 4th of the models that will be walking the runway