5 days till the big show – butterflies as well as a F-ton of logistics

I am so insanely proud of what we are pulling together here. Truth to tell, all of the artistic work (and cat-herding of people) has been in the hands of the ever capable Lily Von Trapp (pictured in the post heading photo).

Just 5 days away. I am so incredibly nervous and excited (I have not had this feeling is a very long time). It is going to be such an amazing show.

We were in snowpocalypse the last 9 days, but it is melting now. The sales were decent (for a normal show they would have been amazing but this is our “Thing” that we excel at and I have a high bar). Since the thawing started things are picking up at an amazing fashion. I still have the goal to fill every one of the 1000 maximum occupancy count. I am hoping we will hit it. If only everyone knew of the effort and love put into this show we would be sold out by now.

Today had another milestone – my big shipment *finally* arrived. 207 new products (yes 207!). It is going to take some time – after the show – to photograph, add, and put up on the site. In the interim, only the folks attending the show and visiting my booth will get first pass at all of the amazing new stuff. A post will be coming soon with pics. I am very proud of what we have put together.

For anyone reading this is Seattle who has NOT already made plans for this Thursday. Buy tix and attend or forever miss out on this tremendous adventure. Tix http://tinyurl.com/y2hs8vhq
– This link will give you 25% off up until the day before the event.

IF you do get the chance to go – PLEASE ask for Wicked Daddy and please, say “Hi”. I love meeting folks.

Be there, or miss out ! šŸ™‚ Love to you all,